The Meriwether - Khaki


What you need to know

What, you may be wondering, is the Meriwether? Could it be a breath of subtropical warmth on a veranda in south Georgia? An epic transcontinental road trip with your good buddy Clark? An exquisite new cotton suit from an ape-inspired purveyor of stylish men’s clothing? The answer is yes, yes, and an unequivocal YES. Perfect for summer weddings, ideal for Jazz Week in New Orleans, practically designed for rooftop parties and spring voyages to warmer climes, Bonobos is pleased to present the latest addition to its famous cotton suiting line: The Meriwether.

The Meriwether’s lightweight cotton twill fabric is crisp in appearance and soft to the touch; it has a double vent half-lined jacket, with contrast gingham pipe trim for a playful hint of style and color. The Meriwether features real horn jacket buttons and hand-worked pick stitching, and it pairs wonderfully with Bonobos button-downs and/or a bold sense of uninhibited adventure.

Bonobos has toiled long and hard to make the fit of our suits this year even better We made the fit across the chest snug but not constraining for a trim look that's also comfortable. We made tailoring it to perfection even easier by making the button cuffs non-functioning. We boosted the heft of the pockets and interlining for added durability, and narrowed the lapels for a more modern look. We kept the same great attention to detail and appreciation of fine fabrics and world-class craftsmanship. If you've tried one of our wonderful suits before, you'll be amazed at how far we've come. If you haven't tried one before, now's the time to jump in the boat.

Non-functioning button cuffs, real horn buttons, gingham pipe trim
100% cotton lightweight twill
Flattering cut is neither too tight nor too loose
Dry clean only
Modern slim lapel
More accommodating fit across the chest
Straight leg - as wide at the leg opening as at the knee

Customer Reviews

Sorry, not a $425 suit...

I'm 6'3" so Bonobos suits can be challenging because they don't come in S/R/L. The jacket was a little short but not awful. However, the padding in the shoulders looked odd on a this summer suit. And because of no lengths, I had to order a 46 which was too big in the shoulders, and a 44 was too small in the chest. The pants are way too unstructured to be part of a suit. I felt like I was putting on a pair of lightweight chinos. I found the legs too be too slim (looking not feeling). The whole thing felt odd. Maybe these are intended for 150 lb. skinny 20-somethings, not more athletic men in their mid-30s.

A worthy purchase on sale

I just got the Meriwether suit in what must be its last days on the site, and I think it's a great value at $300. If you can land a discount code, it'll be even better. In regards to sizing: I'm 6'1" and approximately 210lbs, and the 44 jacket fits me quite well. The pants run true to size, but without a full-length mirror in the house, I can't comment on the slim look that Scott mentions. The detailing is very nice, and the suit has a very clean look right out of the box. I was pleasantly surprised to get a hanger and a garment bag with the purchase, too - way to throw in something extra for the customers, ninjas! (I have a Tiger Shark suit, but I ordered the two pieces separately.)