Bachelor Plaid - Plum

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What you need to know

Who among us hasn’t cavorted during our single days and savored – at times, even overindulged in – the wine of youth? Bonobos certainly won’t be casting any first stones, especially now that we’ve got our corporate headquarters in a big glass house. But we will pay homage to all those who live life to the very . . . well, ok, perhaps the cup doth brimmeth over a tad, but that’s what dark tablecloths are for. At any rate, after marshaling the entries and tallying the votes, the winners of our naming contest for the two new Bonobos tartan plaid sport shirts are: Checkered Past, submitted by the free-wheelin’ Jim for the small-scale plaid, and Bachelor Plaid, submitted by our favorite libertine David K for the large-scale plaid. Leo’s Clash of the Tartans didn’t quite make the cut, but it was a great entry, and we’ll be sending him something too. So gentlemen, enjoy! Live it up a little, and please, by all means, do so responsibly in plaid.

The Checkered Past and Bachelor Plaid are 100% cotton tartan plaid poplin sport shirts. The Checkered Past small-scale plaid features brown buttons, while the large-scale Bachelor Plaid features white buttons.

Other features include:

• Button chest pocket on left side – perfect for pens and pennywhistles

• Contrast light blue end-on-end interior in collars and under cuffs – a fun detail people will notice

• Soft, washed poplin fabric and the classic Bonobos sport shirt fit – you’re gonna’ look great in these

Plum Tartan
100% Cotton
Made in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love
Machine washable, tumble dry.
Standard fit - Not boxy and not too slim. Comfortable across the shoulders and chest with a slight taper through the waist.

Customer Reviews

Go with a size larger

Really nice details and super soft cotton. I had to go a size up in this one.

Go up a size, moderately narrow chest and shoulders.

Agree with previous reviewer about going a size up. I'm 5'11", wear a 16x33 in dress shirts, 40 chest and a 41R suit. The large fits, but is definitely not big. Sleeve length and neck are ok, but shoulders and chest are a more slim feel. Length is fine untucked. Cotton def shrinks up too.