Ging Crosby Slim - Blue & Pink

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What you need to know

This 100% cotton gingham sport shirt is a true classic. Handsome, large scale gingham fit for the golden age and the modern age. One of the standards that you can wear over and over and never tire of. Perfect with khaki or grey washed chinos. Class it up under a khaki or navy suit.

Pointed chest pocket, & contrast Oxford fabric in collar and cuff plackets.
100% Cotton poplin. Machine wash, tumble dry.
Slim Fit - 1" narrower in the chest and 2" slimmer through the waist than the Standard Fit. Made for those who have a slender build, or who prefer a snugger fit.

Customer Reviews


Got this as a Christmas present and I couldn't be happier. Like all of their slim choices it's a great first and the colors really stand out. I got compliments on it almost every time I wear it.

Guess I'm Covered From The Waist Down . . .

I am a delighted owner of Bonobos cords, Travel Jeans, and chinos. Thought it was time to try a shirt. I so wanted this to work. I know sizes can be weird. My waist is no longer the 30 it was for decades, but according to Bonobos sizing . . . it is! (I'll take Vanity Sizes, thank you) However, as I chatted with the wonderful Ninjas and studied the Shirt Size Chart, we both really thought we had nailed the right size. When the shirt came, I was really surprised. Arm width and length - perfect. Shirt 'body' width - embarrassingly 'snug.' As I chatted with more Ninjas, and we looked at the numbers on the Size Chart, do I really need to have a longer (yikes - that look ain't in style) sleeve length to match the wider widths. Sigh! I do not live anywhere close to a Guide Shop . . . I guess my wallet could not stand it if I did. I am hoping that the right size is out there for me somewhere. Until then, I'll just be Bonobos Amazing from the waist down, I guess.