Slim Straight

Friday Greys


What you need to know

For the weekday warrior campaigning bravely in the professional trenches, wrinkles simply are not an option. Which is why our hassle-free Weekday Warrior cotton dress pants are non-iron and sharp as can be – you’ll look crisp and professional every day of the workweek.

Classic hook and bar closure with button-through back pockets. Day of the week is embroidered inside the waistband.
100% non-iron cotton. Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Hang immediately after drying.
Slim Straight — Slightly tapered from the knee down, 1" narrower leg opening than Straight Leg Fit. Medium rise with a trim cut through the thigh. Curved waistband for better fit and no bunching of fabric

Customer Reviews

I look great!

These pants fit well and make me the envy of all who see me.

Great for work

These pants were just a tad darker than I was expecting, but are still a great find. They're dressy without looking too formal which is great for work. I found the fit to be snug but still flattering (no diaper butt!). Customer service from Bonobos was flat out incredible- I'll definitely be picking up the "rest of the week" from this collection soon.

Just What I Wanted

Like most men, I have been looking for pants that actually fit. I like my pants slim, but not too slim like some slacks you see out there. I was a little skeptical when I purchased the pants, but I have to admit, they are worth every penny. They are perfect for every day office wear, and are very comfortable when sitting at a desk. My favorite thing about the pants is the fit throughout the leg. Not too tight around the thighs, and a nice taper down to the shoes. Seriously, if you are looking for some great "everyday" office pants, pick them up.


The weekday warriors fit well and have a much more pleasing appearance than the straight fit when it comes to those of us with smaller frames. I'm quite athletic with large thighs from biking/running and they run a bit tight across that region but it isn't worth switching the fit to give up the closest thing you'll find to perfection.


The fit is slim through the thighs but the pants have some give and they are extremely soft and comfortable. Highly recommended


I'm a road warrior who always has to "fix up, look sharp," and, man oh man, these pants fit the bill. The slim straight cut looks clean on the body. The material is very soft and forgiving even with the modern cut.


It is strange that I am this excited about a pair of pants? I guess it doesn't matter because these are the best fitting pants I've ever worn.. bar none. The fit throughout the seat, thighs and slim leg opening are all perfect. The material is soft and luxurious to the touch yet retains its form throughout the day.. I'll be ordering many , many more.