Slim Straight

Chino Grigios


What you need to know

It's often said that few wines are as enjoyable, buttery soft, or utterly versatile as a nice Pinot Grigio. Well, we might say the same for our new Chino Grigios. Sporting a rich grey hue like the grapes that inspired the name, the Chino Grigios will take you anywhere, and in style at that. Looking for an elegant pant to pair with a blazer? They're perfect. Want something casual and comfortable for a picnic in the park? They're ideal. Need something with a fruity nose and some toffee notes to complement a nice Chicken Kiev? Sorry, but you may need a bottle of Pinot Grigio for that. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear your Chino Grigios out on your date.

Compared to our standard washed chinos, we’ve narrowed the slim fit's leg opening at the hem by 2” (to about 15.5" on a size 32 waist) and brought in both the knees and thighs by ¾”. The waist measurements remain the same, but the rise is slightly lower. Overall, this is simply a trimmer silhouette that will work best for a leaner gentleman.

Our slim washed chino was designed with a slender build and trimmer fit in mind. With a taper to the leg and a slight narrowing of the knees and thighs, this carefully tailored variation of our standard washed chino is the perfect solution for the leaner body seeking a classic style with a slimmer silhouette.

Signature Bonobos back pocket liners and slide-snap closure
100% cotton pre-washed, peached chino twill. Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low. Warm iron if needed.
Slim Straight - Slightly tapered from the knee down, 1" narrower leg opening than Straight Leg Fit. Medium Rise with a trim cut through the thigh. Curved waist band for better fit and no bunching of fabric.

Customer Reviews

Great pants from Bonobos

Great fitting pants that have a taylored look without being too tight. This color is great as well, these are casual pants, but this color can easily be dressed up.


Totally digging the new slim-straight pants. I'm a slender guy and as much as I have always been a fan of the normal straight-fit bonobos, they have always been a tad too baggy for me. This new slim cut is perfect- I just hope they make all pants moving forward in this fit!

If your actual waist measures 32"...

The fit on these Bonobos pants is excellent when you have the correct size. I'm about 6'1" and 160 lbs and the 30x32 does it for me. However, note that I am a fairly slim person. I first tried a 32x32 that was way too large. Once I got a 30x32 I was ecstatic. The fit is perfect. So for those who are unsure of what size to order, here's my two cents: I have two pair of 30x32 J. Crew urban slim fit chinos that are too tight for anything but wearing out to bars on the weekend. The J. Crew pants also lack ball room when I'm sitting down, which is very uncomfortable. Bonobos's slim straight chinos in the same size are much more comfortable, can be worn to work on casual days, and leave enough room to breath below the belt. Now, do yourself a favor and get a tape measure for what I'm about to say. I just measured my waist with a string, marked the spot and put my tape measurer to use. My actual waist size is spot on at 32" under my shirt but on top of my boxers. It seems there's a two-inch deviation from actual waist size to pant waist size. I can't say for certain that all other sizes fit like this, but if you measure yourself and find your actual waist size to be 32", I can assure you that a 30" pant waist size should fit very well. Like I said, these pants fit great. Bonobos's slim straight fit is in all ways superior to urban slim fit. I won't be buying another pair of urban slim fits any time soon.

love these

bought 3 pairs in navy, charcoal, and khaki i loved them so much. only prob is i had to buy these in not a 30 but a 32 length just so i could get my hands on them - now i have to pay for the hem. worth it. these are a great pick up.

Perfect Pants

This is my third pair in this particular cut (Slim Straight) they are extremely consistant, I love the way they fit, they are the only pants in years I havent had to take to my tailor (I'm sure he hates them) But they are comfortable, high quality, and consistant. I dont wear them in the office or anything, they are very casual, but please know that before you buy. If you want something dressier, and a little more formal buy slacks, not chinos. Thank you Ninjas!


So glad these chinos are finally available in slim, and in a variety of sizes. My problem with the regular "straight leg" is that on me, they looked like a boot cut. These are just right. Love the pocket lining too.

Color Fades

I love the pants because of the fit and look, but the color fades in all of their chinos SO fast. My brown and charcoal pants both look extremely faded and patchy now that they are over a month old. Also, they wrinkle so easily whether I air dry or put them in the dryer.




LOVE these pants, the fit is fantastic and the color is very cool.

Love these pants!

I'm fairly slender, 6'3" 185 lbs and ordered 32x34 (my usual). These pants fit perfectly! I was a little worried about them being too slim to wear comfortably to my work, but they aren't too slim at all on my skinny legs. The waste fits about as I would expect, not too tight. The length is a little longer, I would say, than other 34" pants I've bought elsewhere, but that's perfect for me, as my legs are a little longer than a 34".

Color Wash Out

Fit is good. But there's a tradeoff in the color loss. I've warn them thrice and I'm already seeing significant fade. I put my keys in my pocket for a short period while driving and now that pocket has a strange fadeout spot where the fabric was pressed by the keys. So much for being able to wear them to the office...

Awesome pants

Fit is perfect and color is awesome. This is one of the few brands that makes the length of 36. I'm very tall and having problem finding pants. Thanks Bonobos!