Slim Straight

Monday Blues


What you need to know

For the weekday warrior campaigning bravely in the professional trenches, wrinkles simply are not an option. Which is why our hassle-free Weekday Warrior cotton dress pants are non-iron and sharp as can be – you’ll look crisp and professional every day of the workweek.
Classic hook and bar closure with button-through back pockets. Day of the week is embroidered inside the waistband.
100% non-iron cotton. Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Hang immediately after drying.
Slim Straight — Slightly tapered from the knee down, 1" narrower leg opening than Straight Leg Fit. Medium rise with a trim cut through the thigh. Curved waistband for better fit and no bunching of fabric

Customer Reviews

Pretty good!!

The fit is pretty spot on. Slim is quite slim; fits just like Levis 511 skinny jeans. The fabric is nice and smooth. I didn't realize they were non-iron when I was ordering but I am not disappointed. These are perfect for business casual workdays.

Amazing Any Day of the Week!

I absolutely love these pants, and not just on Mondays. The fit is perfect and the material and craftsmanship have a high quality feel. Oh, and when Bonobos say these are "non-iron", they really mean it. I can leave these slacks crumpled up in my travel bag overnight and they're magically wrinkle-free and ready for work the next day. Keep up the good work Bonobos!

Amazing Any Day of the Week!

These are my favorite pants! The fit is perfect, the material looks and feels high quality, and they really are wrinkle-free. Definitely a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Keep up the good work, Bonobos!

Great pants

Great quality and comfort for these work day warriors. Not too heavy and not too light. I got slim fit and they fit just right, not too slim. Also they're right about "non iron". Great pants, for business casual

Great slim work pants

These pants fit and look exactly like they do in the pictures. They are slim-fitting a have a slight taper to the ankle. They fit slimmer than the chinos, but the lighter fabric makes them hang close to the legs without being constricting. The fabric has a noticeable sheen to it, but it's not tacky or distracting. I can wear them with formal or more casual shirts and shoes. I'm very pleased with the pants. I have many pairs of pants but have been wearing these nearly twice a week for the last several weeks. For reference, I am 6'2, 175 with athletic thighs and bought a size 32, which fits really well.


The fit is slim through the thighs but the pants have some give and they are extremely soft and comfortable. Highly recommended


Loved them!


Loved them!


I'm 5'10" (177 cm) tall, around 155 lbs (70 kg), and have an athletic build. I normally wear 30x32 or 31x32. The 30x32 "Slim Straight" pants I ordered fit perfectly!! Last time I bought Bonobos work pants, "Slim Fit" didn't exist, and I thought that the legs were too baggy. The butt area looked awesome, but the leg opening was too wide. Not anymore! What a difference 3 years has made. If you're not familiar with these Bonobos pants, someone should probably inform you that while you never need to iron them, they do have a bit of a sheen. They don't have a matte finish, but the sheen isn't very strong on the Monday Blues. If the pants were very shiny, I wouldn't wear them!!

Canadian in Distress

I am 5'11, 180, and an athletic build, with a big butt and my waist is traditionally a 32". I got these pants in a 33 and they were good in the thighs, a little long and the waist was mangled. The waist on these pants is low, especially at the back which I found really odd, and they didn't fit me likely because I ordered to big fearing they'd be too tight in the thighs. lONG story short,if you have the time to mess around with sizing and what not in the US with free returns I understand, but in Canada it's not worth the money unless you fit the pants like the model.