Madras Large Check - Blue Purple Red

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Desert sky coloured rolled up sleeved madras shirt in our Easy fit which is slightly more relaxed than our Hugger fit featuring a button down collar, chest pocket, box pleat, locker loop, contrasting white buttons and printed detail at the waist.

Bonobos got its start right here in New York, where many of our early trousers were hand-stitched by skilled tailors and seamsters. Had we shown up a century earlier, we may have come across Bernard Gant, the progenitor of the classic label Gant. He would later take his entire operation to New Haven (we, on the other hand, stayed in the Big Apple), and in doing so, would accrue for his brand a collegiate sensibility and an Ivy League spirit all its own. Although initially celebrated for Oxford shirts, Gant today produces a truly stunning variety of menswear and accessories, much of which, we couldn’t help but notice, serves as a wonderful complement to our own Bonobos attire. A result, perhaps, of a common heritage and a likeminded style.

Gant uses details and measurements inspired by their original Oxford in each of their shirts. Made from the finest materials and with exquisite crafting, Gant shirts are the product of over 100 years of shirt-making expertise, and truly stand as the foundation of the Gant brand. The Gant sport shirts come in two fits, the Hugger and the Easy Fit. The Hugger tends to fit more snuggly than the standard Bonobos shirt fit, while the Gant Easy Fit is comparable to the standard Bonobos fit.

Blue, Purple, and Red
100% Cotton
E-Z Fit
Wash with similar colors

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The great thing about styles is that as they come and go you can decide to cherry-pick the ones that examples that are timeless. Even after your buddies have all forgotten their Madras shirts this one will still get heavy rotation. Fantastic colors, great fit, cool sleeve roll buttons and tons of compliments. Thanks Bonobos.