Bay of Biscay - Pink

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What you need to know

South of the Celtic Sea, a bit north and west of the sunny Mediterranean, just off the cool snow caps of the Basque Pyrenees, that’s where you’ll find the Bay of Biscay. Known for its fishing towns, its wine regions, and its placid blue seas, the bay is a veritable palate of rich color and light – and the namesake of an equally colorful button-down. Introducing our own Bay of Biscay plaid sport shirt, a lightweight cotton marvel that captures those same gorgeous hues and layers them into one unforgettable and great-fitting garment.

Large-scale plaid of pink and sea blue
Pointed chest pocket, contrast fabric in cuff plackets
100% cotton poplin

Machine washable, tumble dry
Button-down collar
Standard fit - not boxy and not too slim. Comfortable across the shoulders and chest with a slight taper through the waist.

Customer Reviews

nice fitting light weight shirt

this is a sick find, a great pick up for the every day or for the weekend party. stylish and bright.