Straight Leg

Robber Barons

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What you need to know

These chino beauties have three points going for them. One, they've got an accommodating fit through the thigh for all the athletes out there, ex and current. Second, a hint of stretch for extra comfort when you need it. And third? Some extra-soft chino fabric, good for year-round wear. Add all three up, and what do you have? One spectacular Hat-Trick, and one amazingly comfortable pair of pants.

Slate Grey
Stretch Cotton Twill
Medium rise, with some magic in the seat to be comfortable but not frumpy
Flattering cut is neither too tight nor too loose
Curved waist band for better fit and no bunching of fabric
Available in 4 different inseams so you can wear them out of the box. Don't see your inseam? Buy longer and get them hemmed at your local dry cleaner.
Straight leg - as wide at the leg opening as at the knee
Limited availability- score them while you can!

Customer Reviews


i was pleasantly surprised to find these chinos fit perfectly. love the fit and the way they look. bravo!


Really love the details on these puppies - the button loop, the pocket quote. All fun. I had to go a size down in the waist though FYI. Perfect now, but would recommend doing the same for others.


Very good fit - the material is very lightweight and has some stretch to it, which makes it super comfortable.


Dear Craig, i thought that i was losing weight. Thanks for ruing that theory. But seriously, I love the stretch fabric on these and the coordinating pocket fabrics. cool stiching inside as well. Nice work.


Has quickly become my 'go-to' pant. Love the color, love the fit. Would have expected some bonobos flair with the lining or buttons, but still very happy with these.


Great color and cut. I went with a size up and they are too big/too baggy. Have not washed them yet but I recommend size down.


Love the color and fit. I prefer this pants to the other since the fabric stretches.


Just got these pants and love them. They look good and fit great. Thanks B.


Really like the pants, extremely soft - great fit. Great color too, perfect for a casual work place. Classy but still not a suitpant. Perfect pants.


I really like the fit and color of these pants. The fabric is really soft and they don't have a tag along the waist band that can be itchy on other Bonobos. Plus with a little stretch in the material makes for all day comfort.

Not For Me

I like the color but i don't like the color of the stitching - it's too light. i'm going to return these. i like the khaki robber barons more.


Color is great. Fit is a little large--had to order a size down. Material is dressy enough without being a dress pant, exactly what I needed.


Love these pants. They fit perfectly, have great stretch when bending, and the color is terrific. Perfect pair of grey pants.


Can't say enough about the stretch chinos. This is pair #3, and the first pair I sized down on- size down fit was perfect. Agree with the reviews below- this looks a lot more like a dress pant than it really is (so it's a more comfortable alternative), but will still look plenty casual when you want them too. Would love to see an expansion in the stretch chino options.


I bought the Graham Slacker and thought they couldnt get any better but i was looking for something that could manage to be dressy (thanks to no pocket flare) yet casual when i needed it be and these fit the bill. I like the contrast stitching and the material. As far as sizing, i ordered my normal waist size and they fit just fine but i size down may have been a little snugger in the waist.


They are good but a half or a full size bigger, not what I am used to from Bonobos. :(


Thanks for all the advice about sizing down - I usually wear a 31x30, but went down to a 30x30, and they fit like a glove (almost on the loose side, actually!). Another smash hit for Bonobos, and these really are dressy without being snobby about it. Just wish there was a cool colored liner to go with it! ;)


This is the perfect pant for just about everything. I have to force myself to wear other pants or I'd be wearing these just about every day. More comfortable than any pair of jeans I've ever owned.

Love the fit

Only thing I would change is the back pocket lining. With the pockets in white and no pocket flap, they tend to gap a little. Would be better if you could use pocket material the same color as the pant. Won't stop me from wearing them! I am headed to the tailors to get back pockets sewn up!


Love the fit and color of these pants. The inscription on the inside pocket was fun too.

What's not to love...

Fit is good, length is true, waist is a size up. I'm a 35x34 and the 34x34 fit perfectly.

Wow. Awesome right out of the box.

Wow. The fit on these is incredible. I'm 5'9" and 165 lbs with a muscular build, and I got the 29x32. I'm normally a 30, but these fit perfectly at the waist, so definitely size down one in the waist. They are a bit tight in the thighs, but I have "cyclist's thighs" and prefer a slim fit anyway. Just be warned though, in case you don't like slim through the thigh. Fabric is great and they have just a bit of stretch to them. Very versatile, easy to dress up or down. Highly recommended.


They look great overall but the waist is a little too high and fits a little tighter then their other styles of pants.

Great pants

As a guy with big legs (23 inch thighs and 16 inch calves), most Bonobos pants are too tight for me. These pants, however, are the perfect fit. I can't wait until they make them in more colors.


They seem like nice trousers, but I'm returning them as the 32 inch pants I ordered were more in the 35-36 range. Ouch. Also, and this isn't a dealbreaker, but they are a bit lighter grey than I expected.


Excellent fit, snug but soft and flexible, great for people like me who have big legs. As such, I liked the fit of these stretch chinos much better than the originals. I bought another pair in a different color a few days ago, and am planning to order another one today. More colors please, starting with a darker Khaki!


These pants are pretty much perfect. I have big legs relative to my waist size and find other Bonobos pants to be a bit too tight in the thigh without sizing up, however, these fit perfectly and look great. I only wish they came in more colours.

Love 'em, love everything about 'em

They fit fantastically. I purchased these before Bonobos started making slim fit (which is more fitting for my build), but they look and feel great!

Great fit

I hadn't ordered anything up to this point from Bonobos but their marketing and social presence intrigued me. Based on this initial purchase, I think they deliver the goods. I like the slight but not too much stretch in the pant. The fit is slim and flattering but not too tight. I normally wear 32 x 34 and these pants were true to size. Initially, I didn't like the slate grey but in the full sunlight and office, the color is a nice neutral easily matched with many of my Jcrew or Banana Republic shirts. I think the weight of the fabric is just about right for spring and summer. I'll definitely consider this brand against J Crew and BR.

Great Fit

As a hockey player, most trousers don't fit well because I have big thighs/calves/rear. These fit better than any other pair of trousers I can remember ever trying on. I love the color and the stitching inside. Thank you for making these, and please make more colors!

Great Pants for tall guys

I got these pants today and I already love them. I was a little afraid to buy online but the insane return policy gave me confidence so I gave them a shot. One of my worries was what the material would be like but it feels great, soft and smooth, but not too soft. My next fear was whether the legs would be too small, I fence and have big thighs and calves and often don't fit well into stylish pants but these fit me great. The length was also a concern, I'm 6'4" and some 34's are just long enough but many are too short. I gave these 34's a shot and they are perfect, when I stand in socks the back of the pant just grazes the floor at my heel, which is just how I like them. It is nice that they offer 36's, but those must be for the super tall, or people who like dragging their pant cuffs on the floor all day. We'll see how these hold up after they go through the wash a few times, but at first blush I'm ecstatic. The only flaw I can think of is that I don't really love the buttons on the back pockets. I think I'd rather they just be buttonless, but I wanted a little stretch in the fabric so buttoned they must be. Also I agree on the size down comments, I'm normally closer to a 35 than a 34 but I went for the 34 here and they fit nice with just a hair of slack.

Very Nice

I got these and Blackjacks as my first Bonobos experience. As a guy with a weird 5'10", 185lb body shape, I was doubtful of the fit, but I was promptly converted. These may be a new go-to pant. The pants themselves are very straightforward. No fancy pocket designs or clever slide-snap button. But the fit and finish make these extraordinary. Soft, very soft hand and just enough weathering to make them look worn but not tattered. All with a forgiving and flattering fit. Speaking of fit, a lot of reviews have said that these fit bigger than other Bonobos, but I did not see that to be the case. They are the same waist as the Blackjacks. However, consistent with Bonobos is a slightly longer cut. I normally get 35"x31" pants if possible, but the 35"x30" fit even my odd shape perfectly.

love the pants, but they don't last

Love the fit of these, color is great (at first, I'll get back to that), and the material is awesome - tiny bit of stretch, super comfortable yet dressy enough for the office. The problem, though, is that the color doesn't seem to stay. I thought my first pair faded because of something in the water or washer, but we're in a different house now and less than a year after I got this replacement pair, they're starting to fade noticeably as well. Really disappointing for an otherwise-amazing pair of pants!