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Some say white pants and green grass don’t mix. We say to heck with, especially when it comes to golf pants. If you’re going to press the bet anyway, you might as well go all out some blazing white golf pants made to make a statement on the course and beyond. Grass stains? Badges of honor. Blood stains? Well, maybe it’s time to work on your swing . . .

Bonobos golf pants are constructed in breathable polyester with design details made for the course. Our classic Bonobos curved waistband is fixed with a thin grip insert to eliminate the mid-round re-tuck of your new Bonobos polo. A zipper is located on the bottom hem to allow you to open the break of your trouser to drape perfectly over your favorite pair of spikes. Contrast back pocket lining provides a nod of our cap to classic Bonobos styling, along with a one-of-a-kind scorecard print on the pocket liners.

Unique scorecard print in pocket liner, grip insert in waistband to keep shirts tucked
100% Polyester
Medium rise, with some magic in the seat to be comfortable but not frumpy
Flattering cut is neither too tight nor too loose
Curved waist band for better fit and no bunching of fabric
Available in 4 different inseams so you can wear them out of the box.
Straight leg with a 2" zipper at the hem to allow you to adjust the break of your trouser over your shoe

Customer Reviews

Best Golf Pants Out There

Perfect fit for slim, athletic guys build guys. They sit perfectly on the hip and do not ride up. These are not only great golf pants, but perfect for business casual in the work place. They dont wrinkle and are super comfortable. Light Weight and dry quickly. I bought two pairs (white and black) and will most likely get two more (Khaki and Navy). Mostly because I like to wear pants while playing golf and these are also perfect for work. If I were you, I would get some.

Great pants

Super comfortable, but they fit a little bit larger than other pants. In my case I had to exchange for a 31 as opposed to 32s.

Great pants, size down

Awesome pants for both playing and normal casual situations, but they run a little large so size down from what you normally wear.

Awesome Golf Pants, But Size Issues!

I am 5'10.5" 170, athletic. 32x32 has always been my staple pants size. So I order a pair of whites and black, both in 32x32. They arrive. AMAZING quality, feel, and look. Love it. Except for the sizing: the whites are 1 inch too big around the waste, and blacks were 1 inch too small (inseam was fine) and they were both ordered in the same exact size. So I call Bonobos and they explain due to the handstitching, slight variations can happen. I wouldnt call 2 inches in disparity between the two pairs of pants "slight". They need to do better at Q/C. But thats beside the point. So They tell me to send them back and advise me to buy a bunch of pairs in various and the same sizes and just return the ones that dont fit. This strategy worked: I bough 10 pairs of these... 5 in 32x32 again and 5 31x32. I noticed the same flaws and sizing disparity, but ultimately, I found a pair of whites in 31X32 that fit PERFECTLY and a 32x32 in black that fit PERFECTLY. Nonethess less, some of the other 32x32s were too big and some too small. Same with 31x32s. Some were wayyy to small, some fit OK. So I kept two and returned the 8 pairs that didnt fit well and got a full refund with free shipping. I think Bononos is new to some of this stuff with sizing quality control so I would recommend taking advantage of their easy return policy and free shipping to try on as many pairs as you can. As long as you can front the $1000 or so for a bunch of pants to try on, be assured you will get fully refunded for what you return. While their size disparity is kind of annoying, their customer service makes up for it. Afterall, you are paying $98 for a pair of pants: Better fit perfectly and not settle for anthing less. Bonobos gets that and are great with helping you out. At the end of the day, I was very satisfied with these Golf Pants. Best golf pants out there bare none. (Once the sizing fiasco was sorted out :) )