Daily Grind - White


What you need to know

Circus elephants. Old AAA maps. Twenties left accidentally in the dryer. There are some things in life one expects to find wrinkled. It’s inevitable. But for the weekday warrior, the man who campaigns valiantly in the daily grind, wrinkles and wardrobe simply do not mix. From home to office, office to lunch, lunch to meeting, meeting to airport, the rigors are plentiful, the risks high, the demands, well, demanding. Yes, it’s a tall order, but in the harrowing trenches of the battle for success, crispness and confidence need not be casualties. Business attire that is both stylish and resilient is not only possible, but now, at last, effortless. Effortless thanks to our new no-iron slacks and dress shirts. These 100% natural fiber garments are specifically designed to maintain a soft, smooth, and comfortable feel despite the daily duress of storage and wear. Which means for the weekday warrior, the man who campaigns valiantly in the daily grind, the ironing board can finally go the way of the battering ram and the bayonet charge. An effortless wardrobe awaits...

Simply stated, the new Daily Grind dress shirts from Bonobos are crafted and tailored never to wrinkle. Utilizing wrinkle-free technology, they can be washed and worn with no ironing needed, and they will maintain their rich color and crisp appearance. You won’t just be looking great and worrying less, you’ll be saving time, money, and energy over the long life of your Daily Grind shirts. And did we mention looking great? Oh. We did.

100% Cotton
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
Standard fit - Not boxy and not too slim. Comfortable across the shoulders and chest with a slight taper through the waist.
Standard Fit – not boxy and not too slim. Slim Fit - 1" narrower in the chest and 2" slimmer through the waist than the Standard Fit. Tailored Slim - 1” Narrower in the chest and 2.5” slimmer through the waist than Slim Fit

Customer Reviews

Very nice shirt, one small complaint

I got a Small and it fit me very well. I'm around 5'11ish, 165lb. The fit in the chest, sleeves, and neck is perfect. The fit in the waist is slightly more loose than I would like, but I'm keeping the shirt regardless. I'll mostly wear this with suits anyway. My main complaint about the wrinkle-frees in general is that they have a pocket. I prefer my wrinkle-free dress shirts with no pockets and a smooth front as another store with a yellow fruit has. Other than that, great shirt. I will definitely buy more, though.

Exactly what I'd hoped for

I like my dress shirts to look pretty high quality/premium. Wrinkle-free shirts usually don't. However, I occasionally pick up jobs with a catering company, so the ability to just grab a generic white shirt and have it ready caused me to buy this one. This shirt has more than delivered. It not only has never even suggested the hint of a wrinkle, but it maintains other creases that make it seem as though I really take care of it. I've happily worn it with suits to events downtown. Bonobos is God.

Thank you

I wear white most days of the workweek because of my workplace's expectations. These shirts have a better feel than other wrinkle-free shirts I own. I have three and slowly will work to double that.

I have a new favorite shirt...

The fabric is quality, the fit is perfect, and it's the small things that really set this shirt apart. It shipped within 5 hours of me placing the order and arrived 3 days later for free. I'm 6'0", 152 lbs so they told me to buy a Small. It's the best fitting shirt I've ever worn. Thank you Bonobos!

Actually wrinkle free

The fit is nice but most of all I travel a lot and have tried them all, this one really is as wrinkle free as I have ever seen and yet the fabric doesn't look cheap. I bought one tester and took it on my last trip. 5 weeks I was in Ireland, Mozambique, Kenya, Rwanda, then a few days in London. I had the shirt laundered once, ironed my self once and still slept in in on the plane home to NYC. It still looked good that night a dinner. I am tossing out the others and keeping a set of these.

Almost Perfect!

The fit in the shoulders, neck, and chest are perfect! Feels and looks like good quality. I have two tiny issues: 1.) It is a little loose in the waist, but I attribute that to my fear of going slim which I probably should have. If your an athletic or skinny guy I would probably recommend purchasing the slim version if you're looking for a tailored look. 2.) I was a little disappointed that when the shirt arrived it didn't have the blue stitching seen in the picture around the wrist button... That might sound ridiculous, but I like small details like that. I definitely wouldn't stop any of that from recommending a person to buy this, or any other Bonobos products though.