Straight Leg

Wednesday Tans


What you need to know

For the weekday warrior campaigning bravely in the professional trenches, wrinkles simply are not an option. Which is why our hassle-free Weekday Warrior cotton dress pants are non-iron and sharp as can be – you’ll look crisp and professional every day of the workweek.
Classic hook and bar closure with button-through back pockets. Day of the week is embroidered inside the waistband.
100% non-iron cotton. Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Hang immediately after drying.
Straight Leg — Straight from the knee down, 16 1/4" leg opening. Medium rise with a trim cut through the thigh.

Customer Reviews


Really nice. I loved my weekday warriors but I hated taking them to the dry cleaners after practically every wear. Problem solved. Great fit and hassle free. Well done.

Highly disappointed

After wearing once the seat of the pants show several pulls in the fabric. I believe they are from sitting on my wallet; I have never come across a pair of pants that are so fragile. Additionally, the pants do not really deliver on the non- iron claim. This is very disappointing as this is my first pair of pants from Bonobos and I was happy with the fit. Purchase with caution.

Not very happy

Nice looking pants, but terrible stitching! After a day of wearing them they started to show pulls and it looks like they won't last more than a couple wears. Also, non-iron is a blatant lie. For how much these pants cost, I was expecting much better quality!

Did not live up to expectactions

The pants fit fairly well, but by no stretch of the imagination could they be classified as non-iron or even mildly wrinkle resistant. I also have the Friday Grey version of the pants, and those do seem to wrinkle less, but that could be solely due to the darker fabric hiding some of the wrinkles. Ironing is still absolutely required for both colors if you wish to avoid looking sloppy. For frequent travelers, better pants options are available elsewhere, often at a lower cost.

Amazing fit

I was a little hesitant about ordering pants online since I have a pretty narrow waist and skinny legs. I also have trouble finding 34 inch inseams and to get them in 2 days!! Terrific These pants make me look great! I'm a customer for life!

He made me order more!

Bought my husband the gray pair. He was hesitant at first because they had a sort of shimmer to them fresh out of the box; but that concern quickly faded once he put them on. He's making me order two more pairs!

Wednesday Tans not so Tan

I have been wearing Brooks Brothers pants for years, but the fit was never quite right. Tried these out on a lark and the fit was absolutely spot on (the inseam is a BIT long as others have said). Comfortable to wear all day and a great cut, I am a fan already. I do have three complaints: 1) The fabric seems flimsy compared to other pants in the price range. Not sure if this will translate to quicker wear, but its something I am on the look out for. 2) The tan has FAR more green in it than I expected. Its not the end of the world, but something to be aware of. 3) As others have said, they do need an iron if they have been in a suit case. I WOULD buy them again, I just wish the color was closer to true on the website.


After three wears and no washes, the stitching on the seam above the back pocket had come loose. Makes me sad. Other than that, great pants.

Definitely NOT Non-Iron!!!

Holy Moly - I specifically bought these pants because of the "non-iron" feature. But, "non-iron" could not be further from the truth in describing these pants! Seriously, Bonobos, you can't possibly label these pants as non-iron and NOT annoy many of your customers. Long story short, these pants arrived one day and went back the very next, specifically because they NEED to be IRONED! Weird material, odd fit....I really wanted to like these pants because I need a decent pair for causal Fridays - these are NOT the ones!

Terrible Quality

After two wears, stitching is coming undone in multiple places. Really bad quality for $100 pants.

Back for more

I bought a pair in the spring, and basically they've become the only pants I like to wear for work. I had none of the problems listed in the other reviews, and back to buy two more pairs

Good pants for 8-10 months

I struggled on whether or not to post a review, and what score to give. I have all of the Weekday Warrior pants. I like the fit a lot. As long as you fluff in the dryer for a few minutes after washing and then line-dry they really do a nice job of being "non-iron". The problem, with not just the tans, but really all of the pants, is they simply do not last very long before "wear and tear" really sets in. They are very thin pants (go check out the Non-Irons from Banana Republic for a good comparison on thickness). Where this is most noticeable, for me, is in the belt loops, especially the back loops (where they may rest against a chair/seat). All of my Weekday Warrior pants rear belt loops are worn to the point where the fabric has come off. I give them another month or two before the loops actually wear through. This means I won't be able to wear them any longer. I've debated about returning all of them but it doesn't seem worth it. I have received some great use out of these, but for the price point they stick at, and compared to non-irons of other brands, I think I'll just wear them out and then toss in the trash when they're done. If you expect your pants to last longer than a year (especially at this price point) then unfortunately I cannot recommend these.

False advertising

These pants are not "non-iron." I've tried the "machine wash warm - tumble dry low" and I still have to iron them every time. Not to mention they have shrunk A LOT since I first bought them - so I've given up on the whole "tumble dry low" concept and now I just hang dry them. They fit really well when I first bought them, but after only 6 months they are much too tight and I can't wear them to work anymore without feeling like my junk is on display. Need to go buy new pants now.

Awful durability

I really love the way these pants fit me. They are some of the most comfortable pants I've ever known. Unfortuneately, I bought a pair through the Trunk Club in the beginning of July and they are coming apart at the seams after only 5 washes. I wash them on the delicate cycle by themselves and line dry them so they won't shrink. They fit me great, but what's the point of buying a pair of $99 pants if you can only wear them 2 1/2 months?

Caveat emptor

I had four pairs of weekday warriors, and like others have noted in their reviews, the fit is good, but the quality of the pants leave much to be desired. Simply put, after a short while (meaning, less than 10 washings), these pants start to show real wear--and it's not like they're getting worn in rough and tumble environments, either--I'm a desk jockey like most who wear them. I recently purchased another pair on sale at Nordstrom's and while they are the same size as all of my other pairs, they are much tighter--and it's not because I've put on weight, either. This is an issue of quality control and quality, period. Bonobos got the fit right--but not the quality that one should expect at this price point. If this continues they're going to be one and done with customers like myself.