Slim Straight

Graham Slackers


What you need to know

While many a childhood confection may reside fondly in the collective Bonobos memory, only one can stake claim to a place in our heart. Yes, you guessed it, the inimitable, invincible Graham cracker, as essential and pleasing today as it was when first baked in 1829. Given the cherished timelessness of this tawny-sweet biscuit, it ought to come as no surprise that the pre-washed khaki trouser it inspired shares a similar longevity and a kindred popularity. Our best-selling pant since it first graced our webpage, the versatile Graham Slackers continue to delight as a cornerstone of any Bonobos closet, a staple of any Bonobos wardrobe. And best of all, they won’t spoil your dinner.

Compared to our standard washed chinos, we’ve narrowed the slim fit's leg opening at the hem by 2” (to about 15.5" on a size 32 waist) and brought in both the knees and thighs by ¾”. The waist measurements remain the same, but the rise is slightly lower. Overall, this is simply a trimmer silhouette that will work best for a leaner gentleman.

Our slim washed chino was designed with a slender build and trimmer fit in mind. With a taper to the leg and a slight narrowing of the knees and thighs, this carefully tailored variation of our standard washed chino is the perfect solution for the leaner body seeking a classic style with a slimmer silhouette.

Signature Bonobos back pocket liners and slide-snap closure
100% cotton pre-washed, peached chino twill. Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low. Warm iron if needed.
Slim Straight - Slightly tapered from the knee down, 1" narrower leg opening than Straight Leg Fit. Medium Rise with a trim cut through the thigh. Curved waist band for better fit and no bunching of fabric.

Customer Reviews

Great pants. More slim colors please!

Great great pants. They fit me in the same size as Levi 511s, though they're a bit looser. (Similar to the relationship between straight-leg chinos and 501s, for example.) Super comfortable and flattering. Make these in the rest of your normal colors, and I'll be back for more.


Best fitting pant Bonobos has ever made. I've been waiting for you guys to compete with J. Crew's urban slim fit since I first tried those - you finally dominated them like I knew you would. Now make all your pants in this fit.


After months of taking my washed chinos to the tailor to get them slimmed down you guys go and release the perfect pant. seriously, the fit is impeccable. Only negative thing about these is that they aren't available in more colors!

perfect pants...finally!!

I have been on a quest to find the perfect pair of pants that I can wear to work (I am a prof.) and also that I will WANT to wear when I am at home because I am tired of having "work" clothes that I hate and then "at home" clothes I love. I want to love everything I wear or I feel my clothes are failing me. on my year long quest for the perfect pants, I tried J. Crew's various pants but what I found is that even in the same style and fit, the sizes would vary wildly. Also, their hardwear is the WORST. Similarly Banana Republic has horrible hardwear and finishing. I also tried brands I love like Polo's range and Brooks but what I was having trouble with was finding pants that fit how I wanted pants to fit, which to me seemed simple. All I wanted were pants that were not weirdo butt tight but had a slimmer fit and tapered down the leg (but that were also not hugging my ankles). I also felt like the older established brands were the opposite, I did not want to feel like I was wearing some balloon pants like my older colleagues either. I really just wanted good fitting pants, plain and simple. Luckily, I came across Bonobos and got this pair of pants. They fit exactly how I want them too (I feel they run a tad long but I just cuffed mine) and the finish is amazing, seriously, the pockets and extra details make the pants so much cooler. Also, the hardwear is great on these. I am buying these pants in every color I can get my hands on that are not GTH colors and patterns. Thank you Bonobos!!

Order Larger Waist

Fantastic fit--best Bonobos yet--but waist was too small compared to other Bonobos pants I've ordered. Order at least an inch bigger to make sure you don't have to exchange them.


Perfect fit. Waist fits more true to size than other Bonobos. Will order a 2nd pair as soon as they're available in my size again.


I absolutely love these pants, the fit is unbeatable. My only complaint is that the slims sell out so fast! I'd really love to see more colors in the slims as well.

legs are not that slimming

I ordered the 28x30 size. This really isn't all that slim. I'm 5'5'' and 120 lbs. If I was 135 lbs, I think they'd fit more. I'm not exactly swimming in the leg area, but they're not as slim as I'd like.

Aww yeahhhh

Due to my build (5'11", 150 lbs) I have always had to go with H&M, Dockers, and Levis pants with few other options. Quality with those brands is hit or miss, but the fit is usually fine. Recently I have become frustrated buying pants that fall apart after less than a year of wear and decided to try out Bonobos. This is the best fitting pair of chinos I have ever tried on (30x32). It's like they were custom made for me. The fabric and construction quality is unmatched by everything I've seen in this price range, and I have no doubt they will last me for years to come.

Awesome...until washed

I received these pants and wore them right away for a week and LOVED them. The fit was perfect, material nice, just felt great. Then i washed them. Not only were they plagued with creases that leave lighter colored lines, all the exposed edges lightened up as well, and they wrinkled horribly and would not iron out. I followed the care instructions and washed inside out as well. I hope the issues are only with the lighter pants as the fit is superb. Will try other colors to see if they are the same...

Good fit

Preferring a slim type of pant, I think Bonobos is quite close to what I want. I still did take these in a little bit. What I think Bonobos really nails is the rise. With most pants I feel like the crotch is so long, but these Bonobos are great.

Perfect Every-Pant!

I'm a shorter guy (5' 4"), so this slim straight cut seems perfect for me, so the legs don't balloon out, but it doesn't look like I'm trying to go full hipster and need a shoe horn to get my pants on. Lol. These pants look amazing in person, and they are the exact shade of khaki to wear out with friends or into a professional setting. Some khaki's look a little too much like the shade most worn by paunchy, older execs with pleats... *shudder*... These, thankfully, are not those shade. They look incredible even after washing and line drying several times! (I only line dry. Dryers pull fibers out of your clothes and wear them out faster dudes!)

Inseam too long

I'm 5'8" and the 30 inseam in these is too long for me. The sizing is misleading - I purchased two pairs of these and the Bonobos 30 inseam is at least 3/4" longer than all my other 30 inseam pants. It's too much of a pain to have washed chinos hemmed, so I don't think I'll be reordering.