Straight Leg

Stone Cutters


What you need to know

You might recall either a washed-khaki BONOBOS trouser from the days of yore, or a secret society of like-minded gentlemen aimed at secretive and worldly domination. Well, the latter may be dependent on “Simpsons” reruns, but the former has made its triumphant return. Because the BONOBOS Stone Cutters are available once again, and we can say with a stonemason’s certainty that few trousers equal them in terms of pure versatility. In fact, we’d bet our bottom dollar, and the mysterious eye-capped pyramid symbol residing upon it, that nary a trouser in your wardrobe will pair as well, or adapt as readily as these pants of light khaki hue. Good for any season, ready for any occasion, the Stone Cutters are truly universal in their appeal. And best of all – no secret handshake or elaborate ritual is needed to gain access. The Stone Cutters are back, better than ever, and only a mouse-click away.

Signature Bonobos back pocket liners and slide-snap closure
100% cotton pre-washed, peached chino twill. Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low. Warm iron if needed.
Straight Leg - Straight from the knee down, 16 1/4" leg opening. Medium rise with a trim cut through the thigh. Curved waist band for better fit and no bunching of fabric.

Customer Reviews

best fitting pants

Definitely some of the best fitting pants I own. I have the same cut in several colors.

great fit

The fit is perfect as always and the back pocket detail is subtle but earns many a compliment.

Great Pants

Amazing fit and solid material. I can see myself wearing these for years to come. The leg opening might be a touch too wide, but that's the only complaint.

New favorite brand

These are my first pair of Bonobos pants but they will definitely not be the last. The pants fit exactly like I want them too. Not too tight and not to loose, which is something I have not had much success with with other brands. Oh and the pocket lining is a great addition too.

New Lining Style Cheapens Look

I first ordered these pants about two years ago and really enjoyed the fit and madras pocket lining. They held up well and I would give them five stars. However this newer pair has a lining that makes them look like a $30 pair of Old Navy pants. I didn't like the neon green at all and the pattern didn't even align in the two back pockets, so I promptly returned them.

Greatest Pants

This is one of the best pairs of pants I've ever owned. Great fit in the seat and overall a great look.

Awesome Pants

I gotta say I thought these pants were a bit expensive but I bought them anyways. Well I am glad I did because these pants are absolutely worth it! The material is very nice and the fit is the best of any pants I had found so far. Also I normally wear a 33 waist but the 32 waist fits very well.

Very Pleased

I got these pants in my normal size and length, and I must say that I am very pleased. They fit well, look great, and work for both casual or business-casual situations. I wear them with loafers or sneakers, and I am every bit as satisfied as I could be.


Pros Perfectly cut, can't get over how much better these pants fit than regular department store ones. You actually feel more confident walking around in these pants. Cons Tough to get stains out (yeah I know, had em for like a week) but some chili-cheese nachos dripped a bit and got a nice spot right on the fly. Scrubbin' with soap only helped a little, any tips?

Splendid Pants

Perfect look and fit; excellent feel to the material. Fully recommended.

Best Pants

Most comfortable pants I've ever owned. The length and fit are perfect. I have these in a couple of different colors now. The build quality seems sturdy with a durable zipper and instead of a button it uses a kind of sliding hook, but you can tell there's no way to break it; much better than a button.

Great Product

I'm a huge Bonobos fan and asked my 10 groomsmen at my recent wedding to wear these very pants. They looked great and have all become Bonobos fans.


Awesome pants. I own the regular khakis as well, and these are equally good. I love the color, fit, and fabric.

Excellent pants. Plain and simple.

Being a tall, slim dude, it's extremely difficult to find well fitting clothes that you enjoy. Any of the straight cut pants are simply awesome. Awesome pants that aren't too baggy and not too tight. I've gotten several compliments and a lot of "where did you get those?" Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

the one but not the only

This is the first chinos that I have purchased from Bonobos. I am convinced that this is the best pair of chinos I have ever owned so far. You got to put them on to understand what words can't express. The only change I'll make for my next order is that I would go for the slim straight cut since I am a skinny guy.

finally figured them out

Over time I noticed that these pants shrunk... like a lot. It may have been flattering for the ladies from the rear... but, it was to tight up front as well as the length appeared to loose over an inch. So I've returned and decided to order a size up in the waste (keep the same length) - FINALLY these are the right size over the course of a month with shrinkage. I still wish we had the stretchy fabric (and cut) like the now discontinued Bootleggers - I miss those pants.

Almost perfect... almost

I just got these in the mail in size 33 waist and they are very comfortable. Previously had ordered them in a size 32 waist and they were just a tad too snug; the 33 waist is a bit loose but the seat fits much better. Alas, this is my perpetual problem with pants; it's better with Bonobos but not perfect. The other thing that I wish were different is that there were a 31 length available... Once again, I'm in the middle: 30 is too short, and 32 is too long. Off to the tailor I go...

Great fit, weird lining

Pants fit great. Only disappointment is the lining - these are summer style pants but they have a weird green flannel lining that would look more appropriate on a winter vest. Madras or something would be better with stone.

Best pants ever!

I love these pants - I have two pairs, and am about to order a third pair in a different color. I love the fabric, the fit, the look, and the fastener is simple and ingenious!