The Americano Slim - White


What you need to know

The most luxurious dress shirt we offer, the Americano starts with premium cotton fabric from one of Italy's most celebrated mills. We cut and stitch the cloth to a crisp, elegant fit, and finish it with details worthy of the finest tailor. A true labor of love, our designers and seamsters have put everything they have into this shirt, precisely so you can get the most out of it. The Americano will pair wonderfully with your favorite suit and tie, but it can go just as well with a great pair of selvage denim or chinos.

Mother of pearl buttons, split-back yoke, double knife pleats, contrast gussets and stitching in cuff buttonholes.
100% cotton premium shirting fabric from Italy, featuring 18-stitches per inch needlework. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, warm iron if needed.
Standard Fit – not boxy and not too slim. Slim Fit - 1" narrower in the chest and 2" slimmer through the waist than the Standard Fit. Tailored Slim - 1” Narrower in the chest and 2.5” slimmer through the waist than Slim Fit

Customer Reviews


Great shirt, great fit, until I looked in the mirror. Insanely long. Well below mid thigh. Perhaps it was irregular?? Sigh.

Comical collar

Great shirt as far as fit, however the collar is huge..i mean comically huge. It is so disproportionate to the rest of the shirt that i was wondering what were the designers thinking. I was also not crazy about that blue stitching on the cuff button. unfortunately the shirt is being returned :(

Too thin for my taste

Fit was great but the fabric is way too transparent for my taste.