Rain Galoshes - Black

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What you need to know

Inspired by city culture that often defies slushy streets and pouring rain (and which has resulted in many pairs of ruined shoes), SWIMS was developed as a solution that combines style with functional design. The SWIMS galoshes allow you to wear your favorite shoes (or dress shoes) regardless of weather conditions. We've all encountered the salt-stains from the nasty streets. Steer clear with these galoshes.

Intelligent fit and great stretch ensures a great fit

Unique inner lining provides low friction when slipping on or off, moisture prevention, insulation to keep feet warm and polishing action. The lining may wear out underneath the sole of your shoe, but this will not reduce the lining purpose and protection.

Extra traction for better grip on slippery surfaces

shock-absorbing heel




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Customer Reviews

Really nice, but could use a little work.

So up front, I really like these galoshes. They fit well and a very sleek profile - two things I don't really equate with galoshes. Two noticeable, but fixable by SWIMS, problems: Number one, I strongly considered getting the orange color on the basis of something loud but interesting, but figured the black is the safest/most versatile (don't want to wear orange with a nice suit). It isn't shown in the pictures, but there's a prominent orange 'SWIMS' logo on the back of the shoe - somewhat negating the purpose of getting black. Lame. Intriguing though, the logo is on a separate piece of rubber that's glued into a slot on the back and is already coming off after a couple wears - maybe I'll get what I want after a few more wears. Number two, the back of the shoe comes up really high. Not sure the point of this, but unfortunately it comes past most shoes and rubs up against sock/skin. Not really a problem while standing still, but it puts a hard limit on how long you can walk with out getting any blisters. Haven't had any walking to/from car issues, but you definitely won't be hiking anywhere unless you are wearing shoes with though, high backs - such as boots (lulz). Now a few notes: I ordered 11, and normally wear 10.5/11D. They are kinda wide, but not really a a problem. They are a bit big on 10.5s, and a bit difficult to get on for 11. In particular, they don't quite fit tight for 10.5 which might cause problems if you walk significant distances (rubbing against the inner shoe). This is kinda the nature of rubber though - it doesn't stretch that much. You shouldn't expect them to magically turn all leather shoes into bean boots, but but the extra gap between the galosh and the shoe is potentially a significant reservoir for water. If you're out in nasty weather I'd be concerned about water getting in and sitting between the shoe and the galosh. They do work wonderfully for light-ish rain/snow/salt though. For nasty weather, you are probably better off wearing a pair of boots and switching to nice shoes when indoors. With the galoshes on, shoes feel considerably warmer. Nice for cold weather, indifferent for coolish rain weather, but probably a source of considerable discomfort for humid wet weather. Haven't had a warm day to try them out on though (obviously). This is once again kinda the nature of rubber. Construction wise, they seem really well constructed. No issues I can tell outside the logo piece of rubber falling off (which I'm not complaining about). They come with a little bag to hold them (and presumably hang up to dry), which is a really nice touch. On a side note, as it's not clarified in Bonobo's description, there's a little piece of paper that says made in Taiwan, though the shoe itself says made in China.