Radioslactives 2.0


What you need to know

We've made a better fitting glow in the dark pant.

Why make glow in the dark pants? The answer to that question is another question: Why make pants at all? And you all know the answer to that question: Why not? Exactly.

Actually, we make pants because we couldn't find pants that fit and the process of shopping for and buying pants is boring or outright painful...we want to make pants fun. Well, the Radioslactives might be the most fun pants that we've ever made, which by definition, might make them the most fun pants in the known universe, with a close second place going to these. Kittens!

The Radioslactives are made of a revolutionary polyester fabric called EnerGlo. A special polyurethane coating contains gazillions of light absorbing crystals. Natural and full spectrum light excites the molecules in these crystals making them spin. When light is removed, the spinning molecules release their energy by emitting light. Wow. The mix of nerdy and cool is almost too much to handle. It's like George Clooney and Marie Curie had a time-bending genius love child who grew up to be a pants inventor, who we recently hired.

Despite the name, these pants are not at all harmful. In fact, we've found them to be extremely helpful in a lot of up the dance floor, building interest in our Halloween festivities, or biking home safely at night after long hours of dreaming up our next pants miracle.

Looks great with scary pig mask, "man-in-the-moon" helmet, or as the foundation for any number of amazing costume ideas.

Get lit.

Glow in the dark
Medium luminescent rise, with some magic in the seat to be comfortable but not frumpy or not glowing
Flattering cut is neither too tight nor too loose or too not glowy
Glowing curved waist band for better fit and no bunching of glowing fabric
Straight Leg - as wide at the leg opening as at the knee

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Glow Pants

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