The Anchor Chief


What you need to know

Looking to accentuate your suit with a hint of maritime flair? Searching for a way to show off your denim pocket with a one-of-a-kind bandanna? Or perhaps simply dry your eyes as you long for the sea? Sounds like you need an Anchor Chief, a unique anchor print pocket square that looks positively stunning, either folded or bunched, in the front pocket of a blazer or suit jacket. It's a Bonobos exclusive you won't find anywhere else.

White with anchor print
100% Cotton

Customer Reviews

The Anchor Chief

Okay. No. I don't own this...nor have I purchased it for some one else. But its so clever I'm going to write a review any way. The anchor chief. Cooomme ooon!! That's hilarious! If I could sail, you would be getting free sailing lessons from yours truly for sure.