Above Calf Silk Dress Socks - Black


What you need to know

The United Kingdom is known as something of a haberdashic mecca, and while bespoke suits and fine hats may get the most ink, socks are certainly no exception. And if you want the best, don't go to Savile Row, simply take a gander at Pantherella. Considered by many to be the premier manufacturers of wool dress socks in the world, Pantherella's seamless socks set a new standard in men's hosiery, relying on the highest quality wools and production methods to produce socks that feel wonderful and last for years, all the while communicating a uniquely British sense of stylistic playfulness that can truly add personality to even the most basic-colored suit.

70% Silk, 30% Nylon
Made in the UK
Hand wash, dry flat
One size - fits shoes size US 8-13

Customer Reviews


These socks are a bargain. Great Pantherella quality. Very formal look and very well-made. They are slightly sheer, which I normally don't like, but it somehow 'works' with these socks. I even like wearing them with jeans!