The Rockland


What you need to know

Spring showers, summer downpours, autumn drizzle – all good reasons for investing in a high-quality, stylish raincoat you can throw on any time the skies turn grey. The Rockland, with its Italian-milled water-repellent fabric and sleek, flattering fit is just such a coat, always at the ready for a stormy commute, a wet night on the town, or a trip abroad to more rain-prone lands. It's the casual raincoat every guy needs on hand.

Navy blue with orange interior contrast piping
Italian-milled 100% polyester fabric
Machine wash cold. Do not bleach or iron. Lay flat to dry.
Standard fit - not boxy and not too slim. Interior drawstrings can be tightened for the perfect fit.
Button and zipper front closure, hood for extra protection, drawstrings for adjusting hood and waist

Customer Reviews

Great Raincoat with an annoying feature

Finally a raincoat that doesn't wear like a plastic garbage bag. This material is fifty kinds of awesome; it breaths and still repels water. Yet I only gave the jacket three stars -- why? The zipper is on the wrong side. On every jacket I've ever owned, the zipper is on the right hand side. On this jacket, for some reason, it's on the left. Of course, this bothers me only when I actually zip the jacket ... which is pretty much every time I wear it.

Looks great, terrible in the rain

This raincoat will do you fine in a light drizzle, but anything heavier than that and you may as well be wearing a tee-shirt. Any kind of substantial rain will soak right through and makes it utterly useless. It looks great, but for utility it's total garbage.