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What you need to know

A hit from day one, Washed Chinos are truly the better-fitting pants Bonobos was built on. Combining our signature curved waistband with soft cotton twill and some incredible color options (not to mention names), these are the stylish, all-purpose chinos that every guy needs at the ready.

Signature Bonobos back pocket liners and slide-snap closure
100% cotton pre-washed, peached chino twill. Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low. Warm iron if needed.
Slim Straight - Slightly tapered from the knee down, 1" narrower leg opening than Straight Leg Fit. Medium Rise with a trim cut through the thigh. Curved waist band for better fit and no bunching of fabric.

Customer Reviews

Best Yet

Best fitting Bonobos pants yet.


Finally! I have an athletic build and the slims fit me much better than straight legs, which felt disproportionate and baggy with fitted tops. These aren't skinny or tight, they feel just right for chinos if you're an in shape guy. The back pocket lining is a great touch, my only complaint with these is that the side pockets flare out a little bit.

Great pants. More slim colors please!

Great great pants. They fit me in the same size as Levi 511s, though they're a bit looser. (Similar to the relationship between straight-leg chinos and 501s, for example.) Super comfortable and flattering. Make these in the rest of your normal colors, and I'll be back for more.

About perfect

I have always liked the straight fit that Bonobos offers. They fit great in the thigh and seat, but the leg and leg opening were an issue for me. The leg opening was just too loose and wide -- fabric was bouncing around and it swallowed my boots. The slim fit solves these problems. The leg tappering is really slim guys. They are not painted on your leg "tight" but they are slim. You won't be able to grab a bunch of fabric on the side of your legs really. Keep that in mind if you have tree-trunk legs I suppose. I ordered the same size I usually do in the chinos (35X30) from my normal waist size of 36. I feel sizing down still fits good, and accommodates for fabric stretching. The 35 did not feel tight and have me saying "man these need to stretch then I can wear them better". They already fit great, but additional stretching won't make this too wide. The reviewer "David" was right about the elephant ears however. They are not too bad, but still there. I would be more disappointed about this if these were dress chinos, but since they are slightly more casual, I am not too mad or anything. Like other Bonobo's inseams, the 30 is probably not a 30 ha-ha. You'll have to get these hemmed if you want the inseam right on. I think the slim leg is just right on. I think another 1/8 inch in the leg tapering would make them better, because I think they are just a little *too* tapered but nothing that makes me ashamed to wear them. I rather have the slim-straight than the normal straight that Bonobos has. The latter is just too baggy in the leg. This is a great pant and the new fit is awesome. Great work Bonobos.


This pants are high quality all around. Hardware, material, construction, all top-notch. The fit is what really stands out though. These pants give a very trim look while still being perfectly comfortable and non-constricting, both in the legs and hips. I typically buy 32" inseams from Bonobos, but I ended up returning 31x32 for 31x34 after finding the 32" inseam a bit short. The 34" is a touch long, but that can be remedied with cuffing and/or hemming

Great Fitting Slim Pants

I'm 5'11" about 160 lbs. I bought the 30x32s and they fit perfectly. I am a pretty fit guy, and these pants are amazing. They are tight, no doubt, but if you like that close snug feel, these are the pants for you. The pockets don't flare any more than regular pants. The back pocket lining is the perfect accent for these pants. All my guy friends asked about the pants, these are setting a trend!

Best ftting pants I own

These pants are basically the perfect fit for a slim person. The materials, hardware and construction are all terrific (I love the slide-snap). I highly recommend these pants to anyone who likes a trim, modern look and pants that can be dressed up, down and sideways I had to swap up to a 31x34, even though I wear 31x32 in 3 other pairs of Bonobos pants. The 34's are a little long, but I prefer the option to cuff. I wish that Bonobos made their washed chinos without the visible colored pocket linings on the back pockets. I like the idea, but in practice, I don't always like having green or purple bits clash with whatever other colors I am wearing.

oh wow

Im 6' - 167lbs and the 31x32s fit perfectly. Bought these out of curiosity for the slim fit and wow is all i can say. The quality of material is, i think, better than the previous pair of bonobos i wore. For those who wonder about the fit, they are similar to a pair of Levi 514s..but better! The side pockets do flare out a little however its nothing to worry with. The legs are just slim enough for anyone who is in shape or slim so they are a winner for both!

Don't Want to Take Them Off

These are amazing pants! So comfortable and such a flattering cut. I've been getting nothing but compliments since I got these. I just ordered a pair of the Chino Grigios because they're one of the few other colors available in slim straight. Make more of these! I don't want to have to wear anything else... (Like one of the other reviewers, I'm on the fence about the patterned pocket lining. I think it's a bit much personally, but co-workers and friends who have seen the pants on me invariably remark that the contrast lining is hot.)


I was a soccer player for my entire (early) life - I'm now 29 and I have larger thighs so I'm always too thick for a skinny jean. These slim pants fit so amazingly well it's great. I'm online because I'm gonna order a second pair in a different color. LOVE! Great material too. SOLID, STRONG, SOFT, awesome pants. BUY!

Second that.....

Someone finally figured out a slim fit for men with athletic legs.

Just great

Wearing them now. Loving them now. The slim fit works for me - I am not super thin around the middle, but have skinny legs and a 33" waist. These slacks just look right - the proportions work for a guy like me. The material is also very nice to the touch, something I cannot always say about slacks.

super slim

First off, we should all leave our sizing specs on these reviews to help others; I'm 6' & 175 lbs and I ordered the 31/32 which fit great in the waist and are very slim thigh but they are too narrow for a guy with szie 11 feet to wear = looks awkward. The quality seems good for a reasonalby priced pant. I will give the straight leg a go and report back!

Great Pants

It's been tough to find pants that fit me. I'm 5'5", 150 lbs with an athletic frame. Because I'm a 28" waist, a lot of slim pants are usually too restricting on my thighs but these were perfect. The quality is great and the sliding front button is an awesome unique design. Only four stars because I still have to get them hemmed since I'm a 28" inseam and they don't make that.


These are a pair of pants every guy should own, especially in the darker navy Jet Blue color. I prefer slim straight and the fit is great. The feel of the fabric is very soft after a few months of regular wash and wear. Goes well with everything and just like most items from Bonobos, dresses up and down very well. Highly recommended.

Pants that fit . . . me?

Finally got the courage to buy slim fit, and a smaller waist size. I'm 6' 145 and athletic. Some weird vanity/self-image quirk kept me buying clothes that were too big. After a stern lecture from my sister (she's in the clothing biz) I'm now wearing clothes that fit my tall thin frame. Guess what: they feel great and look even better. And my shirt stays tucked in, which makes me look 87x more pulled together.

Best fitting pants I've owned

I'm 28x30 and these are by far the best fitting pants I've owned. They're a great fit, not baggy yet not too skinny, just the perfect balance.

Best pants

Great fitting pants for the athletic build. Not to baggy not to slim, proportions are right on point. Quality is good, not to heavy or light. Feels durable. Navy Blue goes with almost everything. Cant go wrong with these.

Inseam far too long

I recently picked up a couple pairs of the washed chinos - sadly I'm very disappointed. The 30 inseams are actually 31 - I'm 5'8" and they are too long. They are at least 3/4" longer than all my other 30 inseam pants. To me, Bonobos is misleading customers with their sizing. On top of that, these pants wrinkle and fade badly - only 3 or 4 washes and they already look worn. I'll keep buying Bonobos shirts - which fit me well - but I can't recommend the pants.

Pants Made for Compliments

I'm 6'2", 180lbs and finding pants that are long and slim in all the right places is hard - these pants fit PERFECTLY. Easily my favorite pair of pants and a great go-to. They work with flip flops, sneakers, or even nicer shoes for work. And you can pair them with everything from a tank to a button down and they'll look great. Always get compliments when I wear them - definitely worth the money.

The best pants I've ever owned

These pants look amazing and the fit is incredible. I just bought my second pair because they're just that great.