Straight Leg

Navy Hopsack Pant

$195.00 Sale: $117.00

What you need to know

Hopsack is a classic weave that produces the very subtle appearance of small squares on the fabric surface. Legend has it the name derives from the similar texture of the plain weave sacks that harvesters once used to gather hops. Thus: hopsack (took us geniuses a while to piece that together). As lovers of a hoppy after-work beer, we're thrilled to use such a fine and storied fabric. 

Unlike those harvest bags, our Hopsack suits are made of luxurious 95% Wool / 5% Cashmere woven in Italy at Marzotto(r), a premier textile mill for over 160 years. The quality feel of the fabric is undeniable and, as an added bonus, the texture makes it difficult to wrinkle, so these suits make excellent travel gear. 

100% silk lined and tailored at a state of the art facility in Canada, these are some of our highest quality suits yet.

95% Italian wool, 5% cashmere, 100% silk lining
Medium rise, with some magic in the seat to be comfortable but not frumpy
Flattering cut is neither too tight nor too loose
Curved waist band for better fit and no bunching of fabric
All sizes come with a 34" inseam (36" coming soon). We know that hemming is an extra step, but it is one that we believe is important for pants that break perfectly over your shoes.
Straight leg - as wide at the leg opening as at the knee

Customer Reviews


I like the pant, and I love that I can get my dress slacks from Bonobos, but the fit in the seat is tighter than I have come to expect. I even sized up 1" in the waist, and I was still having trouble through the seat. If you have an athletic build (big rear), you might want to look at another style.

clingy, scratchy

I wish Bonobos would hem to order or leave their pants unfinished, but anyway: nice looking pant, but somehow seem to by HYPERSTATIC CLING to the point that they gather any and all material that you may come in contact with. Should you wear these to the office, be sure you have a lint roller handy. ALSO: the zipper is low quality and material scratchy for a $200 pant


I was on the fence about which size to order, so I went with my normal pant size. They ended up being slightly too large so I exchanged for a size smaller and they fit great. Impressed with the quality and the texture is very nice. These pants go great with a pair of brown oxfords. I would definitely recommend.


Love them. I got the 30 and they fit perfectly. All due respect to James' review, but these are pretty slim through the thighs and seat. I have "cyclist's thighs", so it might not be an issue if you don't have an athletic build, but just know that they fit on the slim side. The hopsack wool is gorgeous and the polka liner is a great touch. Highly recommended.

Tight in the thighs

These pants are tight in the thigh for me, even though the waist and butt fit perfectly. It was not very noticeable when standing up but very tight when sitting down. The material is lightweight, and the liner is a nice touch. Sending these back in order to find something a little roomier in the thigh.

Matching jacket, PLEASE

Please, please, please make a jacket to match these. I've had these pants for ~3 months now, and the only thing I regret is that there's no jacket to match. From Bonobos: Hey Josh. We used to have a matching jacket for these back in 2010. Sold well but not great, but the pants were a hit. So, when we had the chance to make these again, we went with only pants. That's how it goes some times. Shoot the ninjas an email at Maybe we have some extra fabric around and could make a special jacket for you for a premium price?