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Mustache Cords

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What you need to know

Our MANuary leather belts are made in the USA. The buckles are tumbled in a concrete mixer to provide a unique, rugged appearance. The mustache embroidery reminds you that you supported a good cause with your purchase: Bonobos is donating 20% of all proceeds of sales of MANuary products to ZERO

About ZERO

ZERO, The Project to End Prostate Cancer is the nationᆱマ_ᆱマ__ᆱマ_ᆱマ___ᆱマ_ᆱマ__ᆱマ_ᆱマ____s leading prostate cancer organization providing education, free testing and advocacy for increased federal funds for life-saving research. 

About Manuary:

Back in 2006, while on a run in Central Park, our friends Ryan Hutto & Tom Murphy hashed up a master plan to make their desire to rock mustaches a call to raise awareness about men's health issues. Thinking a runner's high had kicked in for Ryan, Tom agreed but never thought anything would materialize. Yet, always a man of his word, Ryan had sent out an email to all of their friends announcing the launch of MANuary 2007 before Tom had even returned to his apartment! In four short years, not only have the mustaches grown in thicker but MANuary has grown exponentially. Most recently, Tom and Ryan added a west coast celebration party in addition to their annual NYC event.

The hard work (all-be-it fun and eye catching!) of Ryan and Tom has not only helped this generation become more educated about prostate cancer and the many efforts to fight this killer, but continues to raise donations to ensure that the work towards a cure remains steadfast. In only four years, MANuary has helped raise over $100,000 and has gotten more and more people talking about this dreaded disease.

When Bonobos learned about the MANuary organization, we were eager to join both in the growing of facial hair and in the support of the cause. We gathered pictures of mustaches from our favorite video games, detectives, Casanovas, and sports figures. Then we embroidered these glorious mustaches on black and brown leather belts and the best part is we get to raise awareness and money for the MANuary cause and the fight against prostate cancer. So hide that embarrassing upper lip and join in the MANuary movement with a pair of MANuary cords and a MANuary belt.

Khaki with Black Mustache Embroidery
20% of all proceeds donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation on behalf of MANuary
Medium rise, with some magic in the seat to be comfortable but not frumpy.
Flattering cut is neither too tight nor too loose
Curved waist band for better fit and no bunching of fabric
Bonobos signature boot cut offers a slightly wider leg opening for the perfect finish to your trousers

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