Multi-Tool Collar Stays 1 pair


What you need to know

Pancake Collar resulting in a sloppier-looking version of 70s John Travolta

Not having a handy bottle opener, screw driver and/or rope cutter handy at the blink of an eye (come on, you know it's happened...)

Exuvius Titanium Multi-Tool Collar Stays

There's a reason your dress shirts have that little slit pocket on the underside of the collar.  It's to prevent your collar from looking flat and limp (yeah, we said it).  Whether you think those cheap plastic stays are doing the job or not, you need a more sophisticated solution.

The gents at Exuvius have taken the need for metal collar stays to the next level, by injecting genius functionality into the product. A built-in bottle opener keeps the party flowing smoothly while opposing flat phillips and slot-tipped screwdrivers can tighten even the loosest screw. Useful people are winners; so be a hero, save the day, and make sure that this titanium laser-cut collar stay is the only tool in your shirt.

2.5" in length; 5/16" wide; Less than 1/8" thick

Fits all spread, wide spread, close spread, and semi-spread collars

Very lightweight

3x harder than stainless steel


Customer Reviews


A collar stay is an important part of every profsesional man's wardrobe. It is simple, yet it's job is important. A filmsy collar stay can make a shirt look old and worn. With these fantastic little titanium stays you no longer have that problem. But, they are more than just collar stays, they are a multi-purpose tool as well, that appears to be very well manufactured. I'm not sure what the difference in titanium and stainless steel is, so I'm not sure if they are actually titanium, but they are certainly more rigid than their plastic counter parts. The only caveat I would mention is that they do have some sharp edges, so it can be cumbersome to remove from your shirt collar; whether you are wearing it or not. Otherwise, it functions well as a collar stay. My favourite other function is the bottle opener. Very nice accessory.