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Mint Juleps

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What you need to know

These pants are a signature Bonobos rendition; a suave sage green, like the wind-swept grass of the infield lawn at the Derby, the sea-foam rolling up on Pebble Beach, the twinkle in the hazel eyes of a chewing gum model. They also evoke julep, the Persian word for the rose water that infuses your cup of tea, and spices your gulab jamun.

These Bonobos are so light they float on your body like distilled rose petals, introduced from the Middle East and South Asia to Spain via the conquering Berbers of North Africa, people who gave birth to warriors and kings, scholars and poets, and football legends.

The Mint Juleps love the game of trousers so much they had to come out of retirement once more, hopefully for good.

Mint Green
Lightweight stretch corduroy (pinwale)
Medium rise, with some magic in the seat to be comfortable but not frumpy
Flattering cut is neither too tight nor too loose
Curved waist band for better fit and no bunching of fabric
Bonobos signature boot cut offers a slightly wider leg opening for the perfect finish to your trousers

Customer Reviews


Color is awesome and material is very comfy - light with some stretch. I ended up having to order a size down but I've found that to be the case with all my Bonobos - vanity sizing for sure.

minty fresh

I've had my eyes on the mint juleps for about a year. I always hesitated buying because I wasn't sure if I could pair these pants with enough shirts. I'm glad that I finally got a pair. I get lots of positive comments whenever I wear them. Another pair of bonobos I am very happy with.

St. Pattyriffic

I buy these pants thinking what a perfect pant to rock on my favorite holiday, and man was I right! Paired with a black sweater and black pony fur boots this outfit was fly! I can't wait to wear them this summer with a white T and some flops. My first pair of Bonobos pants...definitely not last! PS--not sure if they were engineered to resist liquids, but I watched a spilled beverage roll off with not even a damp spot! Fantastic!

Not all sized the same

I deadlift and squat a lot, so I often had to compromise on fit either through the waist or through the butt and thighs. Then I discovered Bonobos pinwale cords last year. I would order a size down from my typical 32x34 and they would fit me perfectly (I'm 6' 3", 180 pounds, 5-6% body fat). I was worried that they had changed the style a bit with this year's pants, but I gave it a shot, ordering these, the pink flamencos, and the navy trains. Oddly, these fit me perfectly—just like last year's pants, but the pink flamencos and navy trains were very tight (not just in the waist, everywhere). So I had to exchange the others. I'm not sure if these were a fluke or if the others were—or if there's a chance that the pinwale cords aren't all made the same way. Regardless, they have the same comfortable stretch and incredibly soft feel I've grown to love with the pinwales. Just don't be surprised if you need to take advantage of Bonobos' awesome exchange policy.

Not all sized the same

I'll reiterate what Nick said above. I bought the Turqs, and they fit me excellently. My Mint Juleps are bigger around the waist and seem a bit longer as well. Regarless, these are super comfy pants. I'm keeping them as I got them on an extra 20% off sale - super deal.