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As Wikipedia says: "While generally adhering to conservative principles, McCain at times has had a media reputation as a 'maverick' for disagreeing with his party on several key issues.ᆱマ_ᆱマ__ᆱマ_ᆱマ___ᆱマ_ᆱマ__ᆱマ_ᆱマ____

We respect mavericks, in all shapes and forms. We hope that you continue to be willing to swim against the current and lead with your best instinct rather than with the special interests that are destroying our nation.

We know youᆱマ_ᆱマ__ᆱマ_ᆱマ___ᆱマ_ᆱマ__ᆱマ_ᆱマ____ve got nothing to prove after 6 years as a POW. We know you have the heart of a lion. If the electorate taps you, take us to a higher ground.

The McCains are our first pair with a liner that doesn't show through the back: as conservative as we get. Navy outside, with a supersoaker liner. No contrast color cross-stitching on the belt loop, either. You asked for the clean cut, you got it. Check out the Obamas for more signature Bonobos flair.

Smooth brushed cotton navy trousers? You donᆱマ_ᆱマ__ᆱマ_ᆱマ___ᆱマ_ᆱマ__ᆱマ_ᆱマ____t need much help here, but we wear them with brown loafers and belts, and we pair them with pink, white, light blue, yellow and just about any other light shade of polo or oxford shirt. Itᆱマ_ᆱマ__ᆱマ_ᆱマ___ᆱマ_ᆱマ__ᆱマ_ᆱマ____s easy to look good in our new midnight bluesᆱマ_ᆱマ__ᆱマ_ᆱマ___ᆱマ_ᆱマ__ᆱマ_ᆱマ____

navy blue
brushed cotton twill

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