The Shamus - Khaki

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What you need to know

Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe, Lew Archer, heck, even Inspector Clouseau – what do they all have in common? Honorable men, consummate professionals, inquisitive minds, perceptive detectives, they were indeed all of these things. But they also sported an item that truly set them apart: the trench coat. And while not all of our office work involves shaking down suspects and charming beautiful starlets, we still need sharp all-weather outerwear to get us from the armchair to the desk chair come Monday morning. So hardboiled or not, private eye or public defender, you’re going to look equally professional clad in the Shamus, the new trench coat from Bonobos.

The Shamus is available in navy or khaki, and is made from specially treated water- repellent cotton, perfect for resisting foul play and fouler weather. Our first foray into outerwear, the Shamus features a covered front placket, a contrast under- collar, a single back vent for smooth striding, and lining through the sleeves for easy removal. It is designed to fit flatteringly over a blazer without looking boxy or losing its shape.

Covered Placket, Single Vent
Water-resistant Cotton
Dry Clean Only
Lining Through Sleeves
Contrasting Under Collar

Customer Reviews

Great Coat

This is a solid and versatile trenchcoat. It has a spare clean line, yet its construction shoes an attention to detail. There are no wandering seams or loose threads. It is roomy enough to be worn over a wool suit, yet drapes nicely over jeans and an oxford. I do wish the left breast pocket was better tacked down, but this is a great topcoat that will serve me deep into the misty autumns and springs of New England.

No complaints!

As Justin said, this coat fits very well whether wearing one or multiple layers under it. The depth of the front pockets is great and perfect if you like to keep a couple things in those pockets (gloves, headphones, etc) but hate when it means that you can't fit your hands in as well. The water resistance is also top notch and doesn't give that "sheen" that some treated cotton does. Sort of a mid-weight jacket, I wouldn't suggest this alone with a shirt if it's below 50, but it's also warm enough to wear on a brisk fall day. Overall, a wonderful coat and just what I was looking for!

Rain can't touch me

This being Spring, I've finally been able to test out this raincoat over the past couple of weeks in heavy rain storms. After being unsure if this coat would keep me dry on my initial wear, I'm now to the point where I don't bring an umbrella at all, I just pop the collar on this jacket and walk through the rain. It's completely waterproof (with the exception of not having a hood of any sort). Looks great, and is a fraction the price of a Burberry trench which I had been considered but now am glad I saved the cash on this.

Solid choice

Good solid coat. Well made from quality material top to bottom which is hard to find these days. You are probably wondering about sizing like I was when I ordered this. I am 5' 9" 155lbs and wear a 38R sport coat/blazer. The small is just big enough to slip over my shirt and blazer without being uncomfortable and the sleeve length is perfect. I tried the medium, but it ended up being a tad too big and left me looking to much like I had a bag over me and the sleeves were too long. Hope this helps some of ya'll.

The Shamus

Greetings, I must say, I am impressed with the quality of this coat. It has a little bit of weight to it. It's a great Spring, Fall and early winter coat. I live in Ohio and will be relocating to Atlanta this summer and I wanted to get a good coat to wear in Atlanta. This is going to be perfect, even for those mild winters. I'm a medium in size....I'm 6 feet tall and I weigh 155lbs.....the medium is true to size. It fits well over a blazer/suit jacket. As a side note, the pockets are sewn shut therefore you'll need a fine pair of scissors or a seam ripper in order remove the threads to open the pockets. I purchased a seam ripper from Wal-Greens for $2.69......I highly suggest a seam ripper. This is a very high quality coat.


Great coat. Classic yet modern. Great fit.


This trench coat is particularly heavy and has a stiff feel to it. It runs large, I normally wear a medium and am 6'1" and the medium felt too big and very wide and loose around the waist. I will be returning it. It is good quality but not what I was looking for.

too boxy

Really wanted to like this coat. Fabric and style are great, but my issue was with the fit. Waaaay to boxy. This kind of coat should have a much more tailored line. Returning it.