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What you need to know

When it comes to verbal wit, count us in. Puns, palindromes, even the odd saucy limerick – we’re huge fans. And although perhaps not quite as clever or charming as that British guy at work who always cleans up at Boggle, we do our best to add a bit of dash and delight to each of our trouser names. But every once in a while, a pair of pants comes along so fundamentally useful, so essential in its nature, a certain titular transcendence transpires. Such is the case with The Khakis. These, kind friends, are the one pair of pants one must have. The beige necessities. The tan pantidote to the problem of wondering what to wear. These are pure, spectacular khaki trousers, the cornerstone of any decent wardrobe. Give in to common sense and grab a pair today.

Signature Bonobos back pocket liners and slide-snap closure
100% cotton pre-washed, peached chino twill. Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low. Warm iron if needed.
Straight Leg - Straight from the knee down, 16 1/4" leg opening. Medium rise with a trim cut through the thigh. Curved waist band for better fit and no bunching of fabric.

Customer Reviews

Best khakis ever?

Yes. The best. So soft.

Best khakis ever?

Yes. The best. So soft.


Amazing feel, great fit and quality. Who doesn't like girls checking out your butt?

Perfect pants

These are the first pair of bonobos pants i purchased from them and they fit perfect! i have no complaints whatsoever. BUY THEM!

The Best

Right out of the box and out the door. Excellent fit and excellent material. Unique snap closure--very good. Buy these.


I love my chinos, they are great...with a couple quantification. I am 5-10, 160lbs, and an athletic build. I sized down from a 33" natural waist to a 30x32. They fit well in the waist and they are a tad long which is what I like. My gripe is that after washing the thighs will go from slim to quite snug. The 31x32 is a bit larger, but even after that wash they don't shrink enough to get back to a slim fit like the 30's. If you have bigger thighs and carry items in your pockets, you may want to check out the fit post wash. I have taken to doing some stretches after the wash as they dry to keep them from hugging my thighs too much.


I have nautica, banana republic, and some docker's chinos. These are probably the best fitting ones top to bottom. I am 6ft and 34 inch waist and the only qualms I had were in the thigh area, where it felt snug at times. They were super comfortable and I'm ordering more.


I have never owned khakis like these. At first, I thought they might be too snug, but I think it's because I've never had a pair of slacks that have fit this well--they look good on me and they are dang comfortable.


Simple, yet sophisticated. Perfect for any day.


These are great. Waist and length is perfect, but the leg opening is wider then some of the more recent bonobos chinos I have gotten. Overall great pants

just perfect

very happy with fit - seemed true to size (34x34) but with a very soft feel as others have stated. Yes, more expensive than dockers or others, but a nice fit and finish. I was worried the waist would be lower rise, which I hate, but these are more medium and seem just right. Will be curious how they hold up in the wash as others have posted about thigh area getting tight, although no issues there for now.

Best version yet

I have worn these pants since they first came out and the latest editions are the best. Soft fabric as always but these are much more durable and the color lasts far better now. Wear these day in and day out at the office, along with the Jet Blues, and they can really take the punishment while holding perfect shape.

Legend...wait for...dary

I have tried on hundreds. Maybe thousands of pants in my life. I have never had pants fit like this out of the box. I am in love and I have had them for a solid 5 hours. Bonobos you guys rock! The color and quality is amazing as well. I can't wait to order another pair when I wear these bad boys out!

Great fit but will shrink

I ordered the 32 x32's along with the navy pair and have worn them 3 times and they are already highwaters. I only washed in cold water and tumble dried low. This is disappointing because the fit is perfect. I would recommend ordering an extra size longer.

Unbelievable pair of pants

These are hands down the best pair of pants that I own -- they are a great fit and are neither too loose nor too tight. The material holds up well, and the checkered back pockets are a real eye catcher (and arguably the best component of these pants). Walking down the street in these you are sure to stand out, no matter who you are or what you look like.

Incredibly comfortable, durable

These pants are incredibly comfortable and durable. The price tag is steep, but these are by far my favorite pair of pants. I am going to keep adding these to my closet until I can't fit anymore in there! The only downside is that they are pretty heavily wrinkled when they come out of the dryer. If you have an iron, you'll be fine, but I'm a college student without basic household amenities -- so the wrinkles are a bit of a bummer. That said, if I hang them up as soon as the dry cycle finishes, they still look quite sharp, and of course once I start wearing them, the wrinkles come out really quickly!

Unbelievable while it lasted

I loved these pants. They were the best fitting, most attractive pants khakis I've ever worn. My butt looked better than the statue of David in these things. The plaid pocket lining was wonderful as well, and attracted a LOT of compliments. The one shame is that after a year and a half of use they wore through in the seat. If these were a bit more durable I'd buy pair after pair.