Straight Leg

Travel Jeans - Savannah Khaki


What you need to know

Travel in comfort, travel in style, and do it all in Travel Jeans. Made in America from 10.5-ounce White Oak® Cone Denim® with a hint of stretch, Bonobos Travel Jeans are sleek, versatile, and easy to pack for the voyage ahead.

Single distressed white signature rivet, authentic Bonobos Travel Jeans shank
10.5-ounce White Oak® Cone Denim®, 99% cotton 1% stretch. Comfortable and naturally resistant to wrinkles.
Medium rise, with some magic in the seat to be comfortable but not frumpy.
Flattering cut is neither too tight nor too loose.
Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low
Straight leg - as wide at the leg opening as at the knee

Customer Reviews

Not like the original travel jeans

Old lightweight version was awesome, some of my favorite pants. These are super heavy and have a much tighter fit. Have been waiting for the lightweight travel jeans to come back but these definitely aren't it.

another poor quality product!

travel jeans fall apart, belt loops keep coming undone and the color wont hold- Jet blues fade in color fast- even when you don't dry and wash on cold--- all done with Bonobos!

How Low Can You Go?

These were the first Bonobos I ordered. Time for some numbers -- I'm 55. Waist is now 32.5. For many, many years, it was a 30ish waist. sigh! When I ordered the first pair, I had planned to order 31, but was encouraged by a Ninja to order down, so 30, it was. I really, really liked these pants. In fact, probably wore them at last three days a week. My educated Ninja friends tell me that denim will eventually stretch out some. I guess I knew that, but I never thought about that when buying pants before . . . which I guess is why I have jeans in my closet (from other companies) that I don't wear any more . . . because they don't fit as well in the waist as they used to. Well, to make a long story longer, my fav tan Travel Jeans seemed to be gaining a bit of stretch in the waist too. You know, that, when you stand up and feel the need to adjust the waist in the back. sigh! So, my Ninja friend (seems like I've made more than a few), encouraged me to try a 29 waist! Really? I have not been a 29 waist since I was 29 years old! Why, am I telling you this? Oh well, with this extravagant -- no shipping, keep returning policy, I figured, why not? So, now, I'm wearing a size 29 Travel Jeans -- for the past several weeks. Wash. Wear. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. 'Someone' once said, "what's in a name?" I guess here at my new great -fitting trouser supplier, the question is, "What's in a number? Just know, that I will not be informing anyone else that I am wearing a size 29 pants. But now, I know what size to order in Travel Jeans.

Fit is different than before

Like the previous reviewer, these travel jeans have a different fit than the previous one (Baja). I have an athletic build (e.g. cyclist thighs) and these pair of jeans are just too tight compared to the previous travel jeans.

Just the jeans I was looking for

Ordered a size down from my usual khaki size and they fit great. Good weight for fall/winter and nice color.

Saggy bummer

They've changed everything that made the previous version of travel jeans fantastic and different. No longer lightweight or stretchy, the denim has 50% less stretch than before, is thicker and kind of cheap looking. The fit was off in the rear, which is supposed to be where Bonobos puts the "magic". Take a closer look at the pics above and you can tell the rear is full of sag. And a very weird thing: the front pocket lining is almost thicker than the denim, so the silhouette of the front pocket is visible, looked like I had two thick handkerchiefs in my front pockets (not like the pic above). Total bummer, I bought two pair because I loved my other travel jeans so much, but have to return these. Please return to the other denim!

"fitted" straight jeans

The new travels jeans fit slightly different from the premium bonobos jeans. The new travel jeans straight fit like the slim fit of the premium bonobos jeans, which I absolute love. To be honest, I originally ordered these jeans in slim fit, and they fit on the borderline of skinny jeans. So the straight jeans version of it fit me perfectly. Overall, this pair has a fantastic color and great athletic fit.

Really like them

These fit great, look great, and are comfortable to wear. Definitely happy with my purchase.

Too Tight

These are a lot tighter than the old travel jeans. I ordered my normal size (32x34) and those were too small. I returned them for a size up (33x34) and still way too tight. Not buying travel jeans again even though I loved the old ones.

Thick material, insanely high rise, very little stretch.

I had really high hopes for these and they just didn't deliver on any of what I expected.

Great pants for spring

These are a little heavier-weight than I was expecting, but they're still lighter and more breathable than a pair of jeans. They fit very well, they're nice and soft, and have a little bit of stretch to them which makes them incredibly comfortable. I can see why they call these a travel pant - they are good for just about any situation and can be dressed up or down pretty easily. The size for me is pretty much spot-on with pants from other manufacturers, if not a little roomier. I'm going to be ordering more of these in the future for sure.