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What you need to know

When it comes to verbal wit, count us in. Puns, palindromes, even the odd saucy limerick – we’re huge fans. And although perhaps not quite as clever or charming as that British guy at work who always cleans up at Boggle, we do our best to add a bit of dash and delight to each of our trouser names. But every once in a while, a pair of pants comes along so fundamentally useful, so essential in its nature, a certain titular transcendence transpires. Such is the case with The Khakis. These, kind friends, are the one pair of pants one must have. The beige necessities. The tan pantidote to the problem of wondering what to wear. These are pure, spectacular khaki trousers, the cornerstone of any decent wardrobe. Give in to common sense and grab a pair today.

Compared to our standard washed chinos, we’ve narrowed the slim fit's leg opening at the hem by 2” (to about 15.5" on a size 32 waist) and brought in both the knees and thighs by ¾”. The waist measurements remain the same, but the rise is slightly lower. Overall, this is simply a trimmer silhouette that will work best for a leaner gentleman.

Our slim washed chino was designed with a slender build and trimmer fit in mind. With a taper to the leg and a slight narrowing of the knees and thighs, this carefully tailored variation of our standard washed chino is the perfect solution for the leaner body seeking a classic style with a slimmer silhouette.

Signature Bonobos back pocket liners and slide-snap closure
100% cotton pre-washed, peached chino twill. Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low. Warm iron if needed
Slim Straight - Slightly tapered from the knee down, 1" narrower leg opening than Straight Leg Fit. Medium Rise with a trim cut through the thigh. Curved waist band for better fit and no bunching of fabric.

Customer Reviews

Best cut so far

These pants have a great cut. They are slim without being too tight in the seat and thigh and have enough taper to remove the "boot cut" look. As much as l liked the straight fit wednesday tans Bonobos offers, the leg opening is a little wide for my taste. These definitely fill the "hard to find a decent looking, slim fitting chino pant that is under $150" void in the market. That being said, it'd be great if Bonobos offered more colors in this cut, as well as in dressier styles so we can dress this look up or down. I like these pants a lot and I can wear them to the office but they are on the edge of being a too casual for office wear and are definitely not dressy in my opinion. They are more durable feeling and better constructed than the dressier wednesday tans though which I appreciate. One more note: though I like the colored liner (adds a lot of character and style), I do wish there were buttons on the pockets so I could close it and hide the color a little bit if I need to. Maybe that feature can be added to dressier pants in the future

Comfortable and Trim

Just got these last night and they fit very well. The bonobos straight leg pants just don't taper at the ankles as much as I would like, but these are nearly perfect. (I could probably do with a 14.5-15 opening vs. 15.5) That said, the cut through the thighs is great and the crotch isn't too low.

Don't be afraid to try these great pants

This was my 1st purchase of any kind of pant that was considered "slim" fit. I have always purchased traditional fitting pants in fear of buying something that looked like skinny jeans/pants. After purchasing some golf pants from bonobos I decided to give the chinos a try. I was very pleased with how the the slim-straight chinos fit. They are slimmer than a traditional pant, but by no means are they skin tight. Buy these pants! You will like them, if not this website makes returns/exchanges super easy. I will buy more of this style pant when new colors are available.

Very hard to maintain

My first pair of Bonobos. I like the fit, though I personally find the thigh a bit snug, but the finish is unimpressive: the seams are fraying after two washes and they are extremely wrinkle-prone. Ironing is a chore. I've had much better luck with my Lands End Canvas chinos, which are also a bit heavier and have been much more durable (and can be had at half the price). The Bonobos do, to be fair, have a superior fit in the seat and a more generous rise, as advertised.

Up and down - new favorite in town!

I love these pants. The fit is exactly as the description says: "...some magic in the seat to be comfortable but not frumpy." The legs are close but not tight, and the fabric is stiff enough to hold a press but soft on the skin. I dressed them up for a business meeting and then down for an outdoor dinner... in the same day. Sorry old jeans -- there's a new favorite in town!


Received my pair in the mail today, and they are excellent. I had tried on the straight leg pants at Nordstroms and decided the slim straight would fit better. The closer fit through the thigh and tapering of the leg makes for a great pair of chinos that are slim but not tight. The construction is good, sturdy button and zipper and the fabric feels nice. I also really enjoy the colored pocket liner. They do come out of the dryer slightly wrinkled, but a 10-minute iron job fixed that without much trouble at all. I will definitely be purchasing the slim straight in navy and grey. One thing that I would ask of Bonobos would be to consider making the non-iron "weekday" dress pants in the exact same slim straight fit of these chinos. I (and many others I think) would really love that.

Fit like a glove... or like pants I guess

That navy blue bag brings so much style. These pants not only fit me like none that I own but they are so comfortable I can wear them around the house. As soon as the first pair arrived I ordered several more in the same cut. I have yet to see how they hold up through the wash, and I hope the fit is the same after. Highly recommended, if you are doubting whether to add these to your cart and checkout then doubt no longer. BUY THESE PANTS!

Big Guy, Small World

Being a bigger guy (6'7", 220 lbs) it's always hard to find larger sizes in pants that fit an athletic build. These khakis fit my frame perfectly! I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

The Best

I used to be a Graham Slacker fan, but they fade more than I would like. The Khakis are exactly what I'm looking for in a pant, and the slim straight fit is great for me. Don't be afraid to try it, they aren't anything close to skinny jeans.

High and Tight

These will be my 14th pair of washed chinos from Bonobos, of which I like to keep an even distribution of straight leg and slim straight. I ordered these in slim straight, and either my butt is getting bigger or these are coming a bit slimmer, even by SS-standards. The color is also a touch greyer in person. That being said, they're a solid, versatile pair of pants with no sag in the seat and no break at the ankle. Flattering rise and no hem required, which is practically a miracle for a man of average height. Aside: one-to-two-day shipping and 365-day return policy absolutely justify the price. The freedom is there, but it's hard to part with these chinos.

Nice fit but hard up keep

I bought a pair of these about a month ago. I was very pleased when they first arrived. My only complaint is that the color has faded after only two washes and that they are very tough to keep unwrinkled. I still recommend these to friends, and I plan to purchase another pair.

Comfortable but tight

Recommend purchasing up in size for the slim fit. I am 32 waist and needed to move to a size 33. Even though the quality is not the best, these chinos are comfortable.

Best Pants Ever

I bought my first pair of Bonobos while on vacation in South Carolina and pretty much wore them every day for the next two years. They are by far the best fitting pants I've ever owned. In fact, I've worn them so much, I've worn them out! I bought another pair last summer and then another pair today from the Guide Shop in SoHo. If you're on the fence about getting a pair, I HIGHLY recommend going to the Guide Shop at 35 Crosby Street, asking for Regan, trying on a few pairs. They're well worth the price and you'll want more in no time!

Great fit but shallow pockets

I love the look & fit of these pants, and I've gotten lots of compliments about the detailing on the rear pockets. Unfortunately, the front pockets are unfortunately shallow -- my phone, keys, and loose coinage has a tendency to fall out if I'm seated in a deeper chair (i.e., a couch or the front seat of my car). That's the only issue I have with these pants, and I think it would be pretty easy to fix.

Greatest Pants I've ever Pantsed

If you are looking for pants that will take you there and back, look no further. With these pants on, I feel like I could EASILY run a marathon, win a swing dance competition, and then take the freakin' Queen of England out to a nice steak dinner, all in the same day. Overall a great pair pants.