GX Suit, Solid Lining


What you need to know

Sleek. Stylish. Powerful. Knows how to handle curves. The latest German-engineered super-coupe...or you in the new GX suit?

The GX is the ultimate achievement in our famed G-series of grey dress wool. Like a vintage roadster, it's lightweight and an instant classic. But unlike a half-million dollar auto, this beauty (made with Italian fabric) won't break the bank. Take it for a spin.

Light Grey
100% Italian wool, 100% silk lining
Medium rise, with some magic in the seat to be comfortable but not frumpy
Flattering cut is neither too tight nor too loose
Curved waist band for better fit and no bunching of fabric
Modern slim lapel
Straight leg. Still want boot cut? Piece together a boot cut suit by purchasing the jacket and boot cut pants separately on the Blazers page.

Customer Reviews

Nice, but Needs Some Work.

Bought this on a lark because I had a pretty good discount - the suit itself is great, but it just isn't a great fit out of the box, so to speak. I'm a fairly average body type, but even I had to get quite a bit of tailoring done on it to make it fit even a bit reasonably. If I had to do it over again I probably wouldn't buy the suit just because of the cost of getting it to properly fit. The suit itself though? Top notch material and stitching.