Straight Leg

Travel Jeans - LA Grey


What you need to know

Travel in comfort, travel in style, and do it all in Travel Jeans. Made in America from 10.5-ounce White Oak® Cone Denim® with a hint of stretch, Bonobos Travel Jeans are sleek, versatile, and easy to pack for the voyage ahead.

Single distressed white signature rivet, authentic Bonobos Travel Jeans shank
10.5-ounce White Oak® Cone Denim®, 99% cotton 1% stretch. Comfortable and naturally resistant to wrinkles.
Medium rise, with some magic in the seat to be comfortable but not frumpy.
Flattering cut is neither too tight nor too loose.
Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low
Straight leg - as wide at the leg opening as at the knee

Customer Reviews

I think I'm a Straight Man.

I wonder how many other first-time-buyers were like me. Order one pair on Friday. Order three more pairs the next Friday. First pair was slim straight Travel Jeans. Second order included these gray Travel Jeans with straight legs. Even though there is only 3/4 inch difference in the two, I am more comfortable in the Straight Leg. I know everyone says the Slim Straight are not Skinny Leg jeans, but they are really, really close. . . at least in my book. I just felt a bit conspicuous in them. If I were in a department store "Just Looking, Thanks," I would probably push this shade of gray away. It's not my favorite. I really wish it were darker. However, after you find the right shirts to go with it, it works. I will probably be returning the tan Slim Straight I got (last week) to exchange for tan Straight Leg. I need to get my wife's vote. I could live in these Travel Jeans. Dressier than most denim, no contrasting back pocket "pop" going on . . . which (to be honest) I don't know if I could really stand than much attention being given to my bum. But wow, do these fit well!

Not like the used to be

Bonobos must have changed their style on these jeans. I loved the older version. Now they are very tight and the straight leg fits like skinny jeans. Very tight in ankles and thigh. I like them fitted but not skinny and I'm tall and don't have large legs.

New Travel Jean Now Too Tight and Small

First, I love the Travel Jean line. I've owned 4-5 different pairs in size 33x34 straight leg. The cut is great, and stretch is perfect. I've had some bad luck with certain colors, like brown and slate grey as the dyes got wonky over time. But I was excited to see this new LA Grey color, gave em a try, and when they arrived it was a totally different cut than my other Travel Jeans. The LA Grey 33x34 straight cut fits like a 32x32 slim cut. No idea how this pair would vary so incredibly much from my prior pairs, but if this is Bonobos' new direction then I'll be hugely disappointed. Thought I had a winner with the Travel Jean...guess not anymore.

Great all around jeans

Great jeans you can wear from the pool to a date. The only thing I would recommend is careful on the sizing. These ran a little smaller than the regular jeans.

New Travel Jean

I agree almost 100% with Amanda. First, I also love the, now what appears to be, "old" Travel Jean line. I've owned 16 different pairs (I just checked my order history) in size 33x34 straight leg (in fact I am wearing a pair of the "old" line now). The cut is great, and stretch is perfect. I ordered the new LA Grey color and when they arrived it was a totally different cut than my other Travel Jeans. The LA Grey 33x34 straight cut fits like a 32x32 slim cut. No idea how this pair would vary so incredibly much from my prior pairs, but if this is Bonobos' new direction then I'll be hugely disappointed. In addition the color is NOT like the photo above. More olive than grey. Very very disappointed.

Terrible New Cut, Way Too Tight

First, I posted a bad review several weeks ago and it never was published. Not cool, Bonobos, keep it honest. I've owned 4-5 different pairs of the OLD fit Travel Jeans and LOVE them. The 33x34 straight fit was perfect for my 6'4" 190 lb frame. Had some issues with brown and grey in the past, as the dyes started to turn pink, but otherwise the fit was superb. Now, this NEW fit is just terrible. Way too tight and short. The 33x34 version of the NEW straight leg Travel Jeans fits like a 32x32 slim leg. The cut is so dramatically different, that Bonobos should've just started a new line with a new name. Bonobos, bring back the OLD fit please! Or you'll lose this customer and more...clearly by the other reviews I'm not the only one with this experience.


I first ordered the slim-straight, but they were WAY too tight. (I wear the slim-straight in other Bonobos styles.) However, the straight fit is spot on. They are comfortable and great for everyday wear. I wish I would have found Bonobos about 10 years would have saved me a lot of frustration and money.

Old better than new

I agree with alot of the reviews here. I have an older pair of the travel jeans and I fell in love with them. So I ordered these in gray. The size/ cut is different and the quality seems to be lower. They have started to fade into a slight pink felt. They are still "ok" but probably not worth the price point if they are already starting to show wear.

Bring back the old travel jeans

I wish I had ordered more of the old travel jeans as they were the best pants ever. These new travel jeans do not have the stretch, comfort or fit that made the original so great. The new version is too tight and the fabric is stiff and uncomfortable. I will not order these again but would order every color available if you bring the old ones back.

old cut better than new cut

I posted a review and it never got published. There is a definite difference in cuts. The new cut is wayyyy too tight.

70s urban cowboy -- not in good way

These pants used to be my go-to pants. Fit was perfect: roomy, but not baggy. I had 4 pairs. After a lot of wear and tear, my favorite pair ripped. I was pretty desperate, so I ordered the only pair that I wanted. Bonobos was out of 32" inseam, so I chose 34" inseam and planned on getting them hemmed. Was severely disappointed when they arrived. Nothing about them is the same. The fit is dramatically different. Much tighter. Think 70s urban cowboy, not in a good way. Much more form fitting in the thigh. Pockets are uncomfortably tight. Strange thing is that 34" inseam does not need to be hemmed. I'm 5'10. I've never worn a 34" inseam in my life. Nothing about this makes sense. I double checked the order, the tag, and my old jeans to make sure the sizes were all the same. The new fit is inferior and I would no longer recommend these jeans.

From first to worst

I had a pair of these in the original style. Unfortunately, I have come to find that Bonobos quality does not stand the test of time. After only 3 years, had to return them due to a hole in the crotch. This is not the first pair I've had to return for defects. I loved these pants, but I've had jeans for longer than 10 years that didn't rip like this. And then to find that what used to be a 100% guarantee is now only a 50% guarantee. I'm done. I'll use my credit and won't look back. Ciao, Bonobos.

Move on

I never had the older version, so I will take everyones word that they were worth their price in gold...I have two paid of the new version and love love love them. These do run smaller. I am in a 34x32 straight leg. I tried on the same size in slim straight and could not get into them to save my life. I am 5'9 and have athletic build like a track sprinter. I have thighs and a small waist so find pants that are comfortable is hard... the straight 34X32 fits me PERFECT. I think these are great jeans the sizes just changed so keep returning them until you find your new fit.

Very Disappointed

I wore my previous pair of travel jeans so much that they ripped in the thigh and I needed to get a new pair. Despite the reviews, I figured they couldn't have changed that much. I couldn't even get the same size as my old pair around my waist and a size larger fit like a pair skinny jeans around my thighs. I guess I need to try two sizes larger. I don't understand how they could alter the jean so much and still sell it under the same name.

Still great

I almost didn't order a new pair of travel jeans because of the comments here. Yes, the cut is a bit slimmer than it used to be, but I ordered the same size that I've always ordered and they fit just fine. I ordered 33x30 straight fit, and they do fit like a slim fit jean, but that's what I was looking for. After they arrived and I tried them on, I ordered two more pairs.