Calling Card - Light Grey

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Where, pray tell, has the dashing gentleman of yore gone to? We’ve seen him in old black and white movies, we’ve heard of him through tales our grandmothers told us. Full of tasteful verve and sophisticated panache, this sweater-clad squire knew his way about town, the very best speakeasies, a thing or two about wit, and of course, how to dress. And when it came to wooing a delightful young lady, did he revert to the perversion of “getting digits,” did he diminish himself and his ladylove with an invitation on Facebook? Nonsense. Poppycock. Balderdash! He doffed his hat, exhibited a gentle bow, and our Lindy Hopping, Sidecar-drinking gentleman of yore left a calling card. That’s just how it was done back then, and frankly, how it ought to be done today.

The Calling Cards from Bonobos are 100% cotton cardigan sweaters, complete with button front closure, two front pockets, and contrast side-seam detailing. And despite all this old-fashioned hullaballoo, these sweaters are as fun and modern as it gets. Feel free to throw them over a graphic tee for a hipper look, a plaid sport shirt on a cool afternoon, or over an Oxford and tie if you want to look sharp without the formality of a blazer – they go almost anywhere, and with everything. The Bonobos Calling Cards are available in navy, indigo stripe, light grey and in grey with white feeder stripe (a micro-stripe that looks grey from a distance).

100% Cotton
Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle, Lay Flat to Dry

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