Roger - Black Calf

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What you need to know

Grenson was born in 1866 as William Green & Son and soon became known for consistency of craftsmanship and materials. The Grenson identity was formed in the 1930s and was one of the first brand names to be registered in the UK. With Goodyear welted production at the heart of the Grenson business, the company also introduced the Grens-In Sole to provide soft underfoot flexibility. Innovation in construction, design and materials has kept Grenson modern while retaining the heritage and craftsmanship that confirms Grenson as one of England's master shoemakers since 1866.

Goodyear welted sole - A shoemaking technique invented by Charles Goodyear in 1871 whereby a leather strip (welt) is stitched to the upper and the sole is then stitched to the welt. Benefits include strength and ease of repair. This is the key characteristic of English shoemaking

Leather upper, sole, and lining
Grenson sizing can be a bit tricky - check out our guide & get it right the first time.

Customer Reviews

finest dress shoes for the money

These shoes are incredible. I wanted a plain-looking shoe with a twist of pizazz and Grenson/Bonobos delivered the goods. They're great for the guy looking for a sleeker look without rocking the boat too much (i.e. you want to be wearing the shoes, not a pair of shoes wearing you). Re: sizing: My feet are usually 40-41, US 8. I ordered US 8 (UK 7). They're a bit narrower and longer than Ben Sherman, Aldo, KC, J&M - but I can't imagine sizing down anymore because of the width - so for me, they ran true to size. I don't think I have abnormally wide feet, but who knows ...

elegant shoes with strings attached

it's a very sharp / elegant looking shoe that can be worn with suits depending on your profession... i'm a solid US 11D on those measurement tools in shoe stores and i ordered a UK 10; fit perfectly. so why 3 stars? well it's made in India (how i found out is another story). whoa!! shocker right? with a name like Grenson and that sexy intro in the "Origin" tab you'd think these shoes came off a shoemaker's bench across the pond. to be fair, Bonobos (as of 11 Mar 2013) never listed it as "made in England" or the all inclusive "Imported". Grenson themselves make no mention of this on their site. so to save everyone the trouble of guessing, the actual made in England ones will have a stamp that says so by the red "G" on the heel. it's a good shoe but at ~$350 this is at par with Allen Edmonds, nipping at the heels of Alden, and a stones throw away from C&J. all which have their respective pedigree but are still maintaining it. would i have bought it if i knew everything before hand? probably... the design was unique enough for me to justify and i needed black dress shoes. but let's be honest here, if you're buying a shoe from a relatively unknown brand to most, you're likely paying for the pedigree, craftsmanship, and design. likely in that order too. i'll leave it up to you to decided whether or not it's worth it.