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Flatiron Premium Denim - Dark Rinse - Zipper-Fly


What you need to know

Bonobos Premium Denim is crafted using heritage White Oak® Cone Denim® from North Carolina. It's cut and stitched in Los Angeles, and then detailed and finished by hand for an authentic look and feel. The result is a world-class piece of high-quality denim that's made entirely in the USA. Our Premium Denim is the top of our denim line, and an invaluable addition to any wardrobe. And with a host of versatile washes available, not to mention Straight Leg, Slim Straight, and Boot Cut options, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit.

Sailcloth inspired pocketing with origin and ingredient stamps
100% cotton White Oak® Cone Denim® from North Carolina
Medium rise, with some magic in the seat to be comfortable but not frumpy
Size down if you're in between sizes or want a slimmer fit. Like most jeans, these stretch a bit with wear.
Machine wash cold with like colors and hang dry. Color transfer may occur.
Flatiron Dark Rinse

Customer Reviews


The fit, the wash, the style, the cut. Everything is perfect. Normally I would have to take my jeans to my tailor to get them altered but not these. Im from NC so its really cool knowing I am wearing denim made with cotton from NC. Bonobos spent a lot of time on these and it shows. These really are the best jeans around.

Seem baggy in tht seat

Hmm... REALLY wanted to love these since I love your Bull Denim, Non-Irons, and lots of other items. Even signed up to get these in the early batch. Oddly I find them much baggier in the seat than other Bonobos pants (even before any stretching) and to me they actually seem to fit much more like other brands' pants than other Bonobos pants do. Will order in an even smaller size and hope it fixes things but the fit might just be off for me. Love the concept, denim quality and wash... just not the fit.

These are awesome!

Just got my Flatiron jeans, and they are fantastic! With the dark color, I can dress them up or dress them down. Like all my Bonobos pants, they fit great, they aren't baggy, and they make my ass look good. I sometimes have to get a size smaller in Bonobos, but these are very true to size. I'm from North Carolina, so that connection makes me proud to wear them.

Great fit, perfect wash

These are a great fitting pair of jeans. Wash is darker (better) than the picture. Will definitely be looking at other items at Bonobos based on this purchase. Way to go.

Pretty Great

Great finish, the wash looks great out of the box. I'll be on top of more pairs as they come in more dark washes. Pro tip: size down at least 1" for a slim(mer) fit. I'm usually in between a 32 and 33 waist, depending on the brand, and am VERY happy I went 32.

Pretty Great

Great finish, the wash looks great out of the box. I'll be on top of more pairs as they come in more dark washes. Pro tip: size down at least 1" for a slim(mer) fit. I'm usually in between a 32 and 33 waist, depending on the brand, and am VERY happy I went 32.

Best Jeans Ever

So, I've had my fair share of jeans from Lucky Brand to Abercrombie to Levi's. Bonobos beats them all by far. First off, these aren't sanded to shreds in spots like others for "character", so they wont wear out. However, they still manage to have more character than any jeans I've had. You can really tell the quality of these jeans the first time you put them on. The fit is perfect. I went one inch less than I normally do for a more snug fit and that worked perfectly. Also, not that I specifically look for that kind of thing, but my ass looks awesome in these jeans. Perfect couldn't describe them any more perfectly.

Love Them

I normally wear 34-35 and I sized down to 33 in these. Haven't had them on that long yet but man these things are awesome. They are snug but comfortable, I love the feel of them. If they just stretch a tiny bit in all the right places it will be absolutely perfect. Length is perfect too, and the pockets are nice and deep which was one thing about the bull denim, the pockets were a bit shallow. I've never really splurged on jeans so these are probably the nicest ones I've ever owned. The denim is amazing. At first when I saw how small they seemed when folded up I was a little apprehensive but they feel very substantial yet still soft. The color is dark indigo just like I hoped, I know there was some question because of the light shining on them in the website shots. The stitching is really nice and doesn't have those big ugly bunches of stitching on the hips like my cheaper ones, just one perfectly stitched line. The fabric seems to have a little bit of stretch to it too.

Wish They had Delivered

Really wanted the jeans I received to equal the hype, but they just don't measure up in the fit department. I have sized down, tried SL and BL and 3 pairs later I just can't will these to fit. I love the fabric and the concept but when you build your brand identity on fit they have to deliver there. They look frumpy/baggy while still new. I got a pair of simply styled J Brand Walker Jeans on sale for less than these and they out perform these in every category.

Not terrible, but disappointing

Yes: Nice denim, midweight, good rise, high quality (as usual). No: Much wider than I expected in the legs. These aren't skinny or slim fit, they are almost a "relaxed" fit. My 30" waist has a 17" leg -- a full inch wider than my old 501s and two inches past "narrow" legs, kinda ridiculous. So add $30 for tapering if you want them to look modern. The pockets are two inches too deep -- I'm reaching almost to my knee to get my keys. Trying to decide whether to return them even though I already had them hemmed. I hate doing that, but there's really no way to tell how baggy they are until they're the right length. From Bonobos - watch out for a SLIM FIT jean coming end of 2011, beginning of 2012. Should solve these issues. Thanks!

not the same cut as bull denims

these jeans are definitely not the same cut as the bull denims, which fit me well. these have higher back rise, wider waist, and wider leg and thigh measurements. no stretch either.

fit not suited for a thin frame

I'm 5'8", ~120 pounds, and find the size 28 in Bonobos' Belgian cotton twill dress pants to be true-to-size, for my frame/preference for a slimmer silhouette. For Bonobos denim, however, the waist fits more like a size 29. And as mentioned by other reviewers, the thighs, knees, and legs fit much too loose. The jeans also lack a more tailored taper at the leg opening, which is common in slimmer styles found elsewhere. Yet, the Cone denim is superb, so Bonobos might consider a slimmer fit in the same great fabric & wash. From Bonobos: Hey Mike - we're launching a slim fit in the rinse denim at the end of 2011. It should be better suited to your build! Stay tuned.

Not great

First of all, size down one inch. I am a 31 in all things Bonobos, and had to go down to a 30 to even think of reviewing them. (Any review that complains about bagginess in the seat or thighs is written by someone wearing the wrong size.) The denim is high quality, and I really want to like them, but I have a few complaints and I will probably send them back and continue my search for the right pair of jeans. 1 - the rise is too high for me. It seems higher than most bonobos pants, especially in the back. Whereas the curved waistband usually eliminates that extra fabric right where a tramp stamp would be, the waist on these suffers from that problem. The excess fabric sort of folds together and is annoying. This would be the biggest complaint for me. 2- the leg opening just doesn't really fit with the slimness in the thighs - I find it too wide given the tightness of the rest of the pant. I will say, though, this is an issue I have with other Bonobos as well, although it feels exaggerated here. From BONOBOS: We hear ya. The waist band isn't as curved and are really meant to be "classic". We have a slim style with a lower rise that you might enjoy. Stay tuned. Should launch in the 2nd week of January 2012.

Slim fit leg

You mentioned earlier that "we're launching a slim fit in the rinse denim at the end of 2011. It should be better suited to your build! Stay tuned." I'm tuned and its the end of 2011.... From BONOBOS: Hey Gregg - We had a snafu with the product photography and won't have it ready until the week of January 9th. The product is here but we're not quite ready to sell it yet. Please stay tuned! Sent you an email with this info, too.

Nice material/color, too baggy

As many have mentioned, these are just too large. Everything else I have Bonobos fits perfect in a 30", but these are quite large. I had them hemmed and soaked for a bit, thinking they may shrink to fit some, but that was not the case. Nice color but wish they fit right. From BONOBOS: Stay tuned for slim fit launching second week of January.

Glad I waited

I'm 5' 8'' and about 178 and was worried by other reviews that these jeans would be too baggy. I got a 32x30, which have been sold out for a long time and am so glad I waited. These jeans fit great and are a great dark color that can be dressed up. I'm really happy with the fit and color and am seriously considering getting another pair.

Great fit for bigger thighs

I really liked these jeans. They fit well through the thighs and the leg. For me, I considered these slim because there is very little fabric loose running through the thighs. I am a bigger guy but I kept the 35X30 over the 36X30. By no means was the 36X30 a more loose fitting jean over the 35s, but I am just anticipating some stretching and would like the 35 to really become worn in. I think if someone had smaller thighs they would be slight dissapointed in the fit though the rear-end and thigh, but for slightly bigger guys, these are great.

Good Jeans

I usually wear 30/31X32 depending on the fit. Based on other reviews I went with 30X32. They fit well, albeit a little snug. The wash/color is excellent. The only compliant I have is the length is more than 32. I have to get it hemmed and reduce it by an inch.


The material these jeans are made from is luxurious, soft, handsome stuff. Intriguing thread contrast with the flatiron choice. Yup, just beautiful, an attribute not usually applied to denim. But it gives. I went down an inch, and were I to buy the same jean again, it would be two inches down to wear them without a belt. This holds even after a hot soaking and dry. Though if muscular, be judicious. Classy product.

Sized down

Went with one size down on the waist. Still a bit longer than a typical 30 length but not baggy.

If you lift you'll like these

These are a nice "slim" fit (I use the term slim loosely -- pun) for people with bigger legs. I got a 34x34 pair and I have to say I am very happy with the feeling in the thigh and they have a great silhouette all the way down the leg. There's nothing worse than having pants that hug your thighs like saran wrap. If you don't have emo twig legs and have a bigger leg from lifting or sports, you'll probably like these.


Absolutely love these jeans. As others have said, the dark finish is great for both dressing up and down. I consider myself fairly slim at 6'2" and 180lbs, and the 31x34 fit me perfect.

Great Fit, a Little Too Long

As an Avid Bonobos customer, I was really excited for their premium denim. The make and quality of these is top notch, however I ordered them in a 30 length and then came in what seemed to be at least a 32 length. I ordered them day 1, so by the time Bonobos slim was announced I had already had them hemmed. Once Hemmed, they fit like a champ, and are now my go to jeans.

Great, once I got the right size

I went to the showroom and tried on denim, washed chinos, game days and no-irons. In everything but the straight leg denim, I fit a 30/30. But in the flatiron straight leg, a 29/30 fit best (to my surprise, since I haven't gone below a 30 waist since college, which was a while ago.) So I ordered these in 29/30, and when they came, they were really tight. I sent them back and got a 30/30, which are perfect. I don't know if the showroom 'testers' have gotten stretched out through trying on, but what came from the warehouse didn't fit the same as what I tried on. And I didn't put on any weight during the week. (I weigh in every other day, so know this bit.) On to the jeans. With the right fit, they're great. I own premium jeans from 7 for all Mankind, Earnest Sewn and John Varvatos. In terms of fit, cut, feel and quality of denim, these are closest to Earnest Sewn, but at about half the price (with discounts). They're a great dress jean, and look great when paired with one of my upmarket blazers. I would like them a little tighter in the rear (I don't have an athlete's bubble butt). I did try on the slims, and they were slimmer in the rear, but too tight through the thighs. I'd LOVE it if Bonobos came out with this fit and rinse in a version with non-contrast stitching, too. I like to have a choice between a pair of premium jeans with contrast stitching and one without, for different looks. But all in all, I think Bonobos has come up with a hit. And I really like that they're made in the U.S. with U.S. denim. I wish they also had a U.S. made option in their chinos.

Don't listen to the reviews about not fitting properly

These are the best fitting, feeling, looking, etc, jeans I have ever owned, hands down. If you have read the negative reviews about the fit and are on the fence about getting a pair, do not pay attention to the people claiming that they don't fit properly. If you are a skinny hipster, get the slim fit jeans, or shop elsewhere. There are plenty of skinny jeans for you in the world. Bonobos set out to make pants that fit normal, athletic guys, and that is exactly what they have done here. I am an athlete with athlete-size (not giant) legs, and these fit perfectly. And if you are complaining about length, get them tailored! I'm sure Bonobos would even offer to comp tailoring costs if you are actually upset about it. Denim is a different beast than other common pants fabrics. The fit is not as accommodating to a wide range of body-types. Again, they have absolutely delivered to accommodate normal, athletic body-types, and remain one of the few, if not the only men's clothing company that delivers such value while focusing on the forgotten body-type in the U.S. If you are supper skinny, or a giant, don't be upset. There are endless options for you out there.

THE perfect jean

Couldn't agree more with the post below. After years of struggling to find my go-to denim, Bonobos comes through! Like many other reviewers, I have an athletic build which usually limited me to relaxed fit. These jeans are a tasteful dark wash and a stylish form fit through the waist to lower section. If this helps - I'm 5'11 180 lbs usually a 31 or 32 waist but the 30x30 fits like a dream. A+ work Bonobos

Good fit

Taking into account everyone's advice about sizing I ordered the Flatiron Rinse in a 29 waist, which is the size I wore in high school many years ago. (I've since advanced to a 30.) Even in a 29 waist, with these Flatirons I can still tuck in both an undershirt and shirt with a bit of room to spare. Weird. Mind you, these denims are by no means baggy, nor are they skinny. The fit is similar to the Levi 505 straight leg but better, although there's a section of loose material below the rear belt hoops and back pockets. Nothing outrageous or unsightly but just...there. Everywhere else, in true Bonobos fashion, the fit accentuates your natural lines. Overall, I'm very pleased with these pants. When I get some more coin, I'll try the Bonobos slim version.


Decent pair of denim, but huge in the waist. I even went down 1 size from what i wear from JBrand denim but great fit once you get the right size/pair. Much lighter in weight and thinner than other denim that i wear but not a negative factor for me. Perfect for the summer since i'll be wearing thinner bottoms. Great wash and nice length for me since i am between a 30-31 length. P.S. I purchased the 29x30.


These are the best fitting jeans I own. I have big legs and a big rear, it is tough to find a great fit. These jeans are it for me. Go down one inch on waist size and you will be all set.

Great Jeans

After countless number of years I have finally found a jeans that fits my body type. After reading Patrick's review I bought my first pair of jeans online. It is true this jeans is perfect for somebody who has big thighs and a rear. The fabric is very good. And the design is simple but at the same time elegant. Do go down a size for sure both in waist and in length. Bonobos please do not compromise on the quality of your product with more rcognition. Keep up the good work.

Great fit but with drawbacks

Tremendously happy with the fit and feel of the denim -- far nicer and better than 501s or even nicer denim I've previously worn. I fell in love with them quickly because of the fit and absurdly comfortable feel, banishing the washed chinos to the dresser. In this regard the price is undoubtedly justified. Yet after wearing them four times a week for the last four months they've worn just as quickly (and poorly) as 501s, which is a bit of a disappointment as they cost twice as much. And with selvedge denim just thirty dollars more the additional investment in something that will last is likely worth it. So if you wear denim just occasionally or don't mind visible wear on dark denim, jump for these. I however would consider other options because of the wear qualities despite the great fit.

Love These (From A Levis Guy)

I'm usually a 501s kind of guy, but I was looking for something a little more tailored and dressy than Levis seems to have these days. Quickly becoming my favorite jeans. I'm a 36x30 in 501s, and these Bonobos fit me great: they have a slimmer and more tailored profile, which is exactly what I was looking for. Yes, they loosen up a bit (like most pants/jeans when worn for a while), but I don't find that they get baggy. You may want to set the dye by washing with some white vinegar: I found a little dye transfer to shirts, light jackets, etc. I honestly can't find anything that Levis makes that compares in terms of fit, style and quality to these Bonobos, and these are much more unique. Looking forward to more finishes.


Comfortable. Great fit. Nice color! Only one problem: one trip through the washing machine, and there are 8-9 holes around the pants leg near the cuff. It happened with two pairs. The first pair I wore 3-4 times before laundering. The second pair were never worn, and I washed them on the gentle laundry cycle (different machine). Same problem! There is clearly a defect in the manufacture and/or storage of these jeans prior to sale. I must commend Bonobos, however. They stand by their products, and they have cheerfully offered refunds/exchanges on both pairs. Excellent customer service.


These fit perfectly. Finally a pair of jeans that fit my build. I am 6 ft 175 and pretty athletic. The 31x32 fit me perfectly.

A great way to cover your legs

I recently bought some 505s that fit great and these fit very similar, but I sized down one in the bonobos. Also, I'm 6'5" and the 34" inseam is plenty long enough! I can even roll without flooding. Nothing is more american than jeans made in america. Side note: the ninjas are awesome.


Wow, great customer service! These pants fit great, wear your regular size or size down one at the waist. Their return/exchange policy is outstanding. I have an earlier pair that says on the tag that it is about a 70/30 mix of cotton/polyester. My new pair is 100% cotton. Do not know if that matters, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Waistband/seat ratio???

I am having the opposite problem of many reviewers. While many find that the seat or legs are too baggy, every size I have tried is the opposite. The seat and legs were way too tight on the 31" waist, and when I sized up to 32" (my normal size) the legs and seat were PERFECT but the waistband is too large! They look great but I can't wear them without a belt, and a belt causes some bunching of fabric (a big pet peeve of mine). My other Bonobos pants fit great through the waist, leg, and seat. I have mountain biker legs-maybe these jeans are sized to a 'model' (ie. skinny) body type??

Not Worth It

I really wanted to like these jeans. I mean, I did like these jeans until about the third and fourth washes. However, I had the same issue as several other posters: after several washes over the course of a few months of very limited wear, the cuffs started to fray and holes developed on the inseam of the jeans (on both legs) at about mid-calf level. I guess I had expected a slightly better product. When I contacted Bonobos about it, I found their reply to be a bit snarky and offered a return with the qualifier of "if you’re really feeling like these pictures don’t do the degradation of quality justice". Not impressed. Ultimately, while I think these are pretty quality jeans, I just don't think they're worth it.

Happy Pants Make Pants Area Happy

These fit like a charm. My legs and rear feel like they're being cradled by angels. This was my first purchase from Bonobos, so hopefully I can follow up with an equally solid review after a few washes. If so, I guess I'm finally going to shell out some big kid cash for my jeans from now on...

Some Riveting Thoughts

Picky Details here -- sorry I wish the rivets were not light silver in color. Depending on the lighting, they look white. Contrasted to the great dark black denim, they really, really stand out, and I wish they didn't. I don't have any other jeans from any other company where the rivets are this bright; generally, they're a dark copper color, or a color to blend in with the denim. I know you guys like to pride yourself on being different. smile! My waist size is 32.5. My Travel Jeans are a 30 inch waist. I need to send these Premium jeans back and try a 29 inch waist. Guys . . . this 55 year old (stylish guy) has not purchased a 29 inch waist pair of trousers in at least 29 years. I really appreciate the Ninja advice I was given about really sizing down with jeans. I tried on a pair yesterday at GAP. Normally, I buy a 31 there. Tried on a 30, and it really did fit better. Sigh, if only it were true.

Waist band runs a size too big

Not sure what the deal is with Bonobos denim jeans, but the waist bands always appear to be 1-2" too big. For my 33x34, the legs and seat fit perfectly, but the waist band is unusually big (feels like a 34-35"). The 33x34 legs and seat are snugly fitted yet I can put my two fists inside the waist band. Makes no sense. Won't be buying the denim again because of this issue.

Great colors- bad fit/sizing

Bought these as well as "The Blue Jean" both sized 32x30 and when matched up on top of each other, these "Premium Denim" jeans are literally 2 inches longer, so they're extra baggy at the ankles. I'd keep them if they were sized correctly, but I dont want to have to go through the trouble of getting them tailored when paying $145 already for them (usually all Bonobos 32x30 pants fit me perfectly)

Not Worth The Price

The jeans were great when I received them, but have quickly disintegrated. My crotch busted out (and yes, the jeans fit very well, so it wasn't a fit problem driving it) only after a few months of wearing the jeans casually (to the office and on the weekends around town). Purchased a pair of Levis at a third of the price of my Bononbos, and they're still going strong after 3 years of similar wear and numerous washes. Love my Bonobos everyday dress pants (super quality construction), but the jeans just don't last, so they're not worth the price.

Not for a medium athletic build

I usually wear a 32 or 33 in other Bonobos pants. My favorite feature of Bonobos pants is the curved waistband that fits a little closer to the body. However in these jeans the waistband flares. When I sized down to a 31, the seat and thigh became too tight to put on without a struggle, and the waist was still way too large. My actual measurements are 34 in waist, 40 in hips, and 23.5 in thighs. Maybe these are good for guys with a larger waist or slender butt and thighs. On me, they're just badly fitting.