Slim Straight

Flatiron Premium Denim - Dark Rinse - Zipper-Fly


What you need to know

Bonobos Premium Denim is crafted using heritage White Oak® Cone Denim® from North Carolina. It's cut and stitched in Los Angeles, and then detailed and finished by hand for an authentic look and feel. The result is a world-class piece of high-quality denim that's made entirely in the USA. Our Premium Denim is the top of our denim line, and an invaluable addition to any wardrobe. And with a host of versatile washes available, not to mention Straight Leg, Slim Straight, and Boot Cut options, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit.

Sailcloth inspired pocketing with origin and ingredient stamps
100% cotton White Oak® Cone Denim® from North Carolina
Medium rise, with some magic in the seat to be comfortable but not frumpy
Size down if you're in between sizes or want a slimmer fit. Like most jeans, these stretch a bit with wear.
Machine wash cold with like colors and hang dry. Color transfer may occur.
Flatiron Dark Rinse

Customer Reviews

Must Have!

I am a slim guy, wearing pants between 28 and 29 waist, and haven't found a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. Taking other advice from from regular fit and size mine down to 28, and this one fits perfectly! This premium wash is the best in the market for a clean look! Thumbs up for the Ninjas!


Really great wash/color and fantastic feel to them. I sized down one waist size after reading other bonobos jeans reviews and am happy i did, the fit is perfect. These jeans will work just as well going out as they will in casual situations. I'm worried for my other jeans as I might be only wearing these for awhile. I'm very happy with this buy!

Very Good

I originally bought the Straight Leg Jeans 30x30 and was a little disappointed with how "baggy" they were in the butt area; there just seemed to be too much material in the crotch area. These new slim fits are much better and fit much like my 29x30 Bootleggers and like my Levi 514's in a 30x30. Quality wise these are great. Snobby Denim heads may not approve, but for 125 dollars these are the best value denims around.

A Jeans Homerun

When the new denim line first dropped I grabbed up the Flatiron Dark Rinse and the Dark Wash Bootcut jeans. Both fit a little looser than I expected, more of a casual fit. This worked great for the Dark Wash but I returned the Dark Rinse hoping for more. Well, 2012 brought more. These jeans have immediately gone into heavy use and I have received a ton of compliments on them. As far as sizing goes, I am usually a 31 in Bonobos pants but I am a 30 here. If you like fitted clothing you will not regret picking these up.

Adapt and Overcome

Bonobos launched as the company that finally sold bootcut dress pants. They adapted to the straight fit - and now are making their way into the slim cut. Beautifully done. It feels good to wear American made jeans too - they are comfortable and well made.

The search is over...

Finally. A pair of dark rinse jeans that fit great without any crazy detailing. My problem with other brands' jeans is that they may fit well in the butt and thigh but the leg opening is still giant (I'm looking at you Levi's 514). These jeans are lightweight, they don't have that thick and tough feeling some brands have. In typical Bonobos fashion the inseam is actually a bit longer than the inseam number, but this allows me to cuff and I like the contrast of that look. Fully satisfied!


I have been searching for a slim/straight pair of jeans forever, but everything is usually too tapered at the ankle (all of them), too big in the thigh (Levi's 514s) or has back pockets that are unflattering. These are great- slim in the thigh and actually straight on the leg and a deep rinse that doesn't have that harsh/raw feel. You'll want to go down 1 or 2 sizes compared to regular bonobos pants (I had to go down 2).

These jeans changed my life.

I used to wear other jeans. Now I wear these. Please make them in every color in nature. Thank you.


looks great. made in USA. slim fit. Please make in more colors.

Great fit

I am a big fan of these jeans. It took a couple exchanges (kept sizing down) but I finally got a pair that fits well. My natural waist is somewhere between a 30 and a 31. I usually get a 29 or 30 in denim, but needed a 28 in these. The fit is very nice. Slim, but not too skinny and age appropriate for a 29 year old such as myself. I can wear these to the office or to the bar. Would be nice if they made a raw selvedge pair, but for the cost it is hard to beat this for an entirely made in the USA pair of jeans. Also, perhaps it is my computer monitor but the denim does appear to be a bit darker in person. Not a problem, but something I noticed.

order small; great jean

Every pair of pants I've bought from Bonobos, I've ordered with a 36" waist and they've all fit perfectly. I did the same with these jeans, and it couldn't have been more wrong. However, I exchanged for a 34X30 and they fit like a glove! Great looking jeans. I've never been one to spend more than $50 for a pair of jeans, but since my old ones have been looking a bit ragged, I decided to branch out. Could not be happier!

Very Disappointed

For the price, these jeans were a major disappointment. They felt cheap when worn, and came with errors from the manufacture including riveting errors and a poorly stitched from fastener hole. I think I am done with Bonobos, they no longer represent a good QPR or overall lasting quality. From Bonobos: Hey Adam. Sorry you had such a bad experience. We've replied to you via email offering some solutions to hopefully keep you as a satisfied customer. This type of review clearly does not reflect the typical experience our customers and it's not reflective of the overall quality of our products. The American fabric and construction of this is something we're proud of and fear you may have just gotten a lemon. Give us a should at ninjas at bonobos dot com if we can help with anything else.

Versatile, Quality

To me, these jeans have a very high quality look and feel. They have yet to begin fading like other dark rinse jeans I have owned, even though they have broken in nicely. I love the minimal styling and lack of external badging/branding. I ordered 31x32 (normal for me), but the waist is a little big, though not bad enough to exchange. I suspect sizing down in the waist would also result in a slimmer overall fit. While I bought these at $125 (minus a promotion), the price appears to have gone up to $145. They are still probably a good value especially given their quality construction and American origin.

Must have quads

I am 6' - 175lbs. Originally bought size 32 which is usually my size down, but they were so large, I barely got them on before they went back in the box. Ordered 31s, and the waist fit but wasn't snug like I prefer jeans. I have slim legs and a small butt, and they were both pretty poorly represented in these jeans. Must be cut for a more athletic lower half. Just beware if you're a slim guy. Bonobos - out of curiosity, why does your sizing differ so much from reality? I haven't been a 31 since the 9th grade. From Bonobos: Hmm, we don't find that it does differ that much. Depends on the brand, but many companies have waist sizes that measure 2" more than the listed number. So, a 32 waist actually measures 34" around. Some brands build in less buffer than we do. Hopefully our returns/exchange policy helps you find the right size for Bonobos from here on out!

Way too small

Im a 36+ waist and the Bononos 35x32 fit like a glove, in khakis, golf pants, and the new Oxford pant. These jeans, however, were huge. I'm returning them for a 33x32, which hasn't been my waist size since I was 15. All other Bonobos brand pants fit exactly the same. Way such a departure with denim. Also, they do not seem slim at all, but I'm hoping that'll be mitigated with a smaller size. Regarding the material, it's a bit rough and stiff, but that's how most good denim starts. Fingers crossed on the exchange.

best fit jeans

i'm not one to write reviews but these things really are great. ordered true to size compared to other bonobos pants - only a touch shorter as according to customer service ninja these run a bit long. so i'm normally 32x32 and i ordered 32x30 and they are perfect. i have tried a lot of very expensive jeans and even just regular levis and never found a pair that fit. bonobs has it down. these jeans look good. get them.

Awesome jeans for athletic type

Im 5'9" 155, athletic type. So I wear a 29X30 and these fit absolutely perfect. I have tried many skinny jeans and I am realizing that my thighs are two big for skinny jeans but these fit perfectly. So as some others have stated above I think the fit is not too skinny, but just right for my body type. Hope this review helps. But these have become my favorite jeans.

Came for the chinos, stayed for the denim

Can't argue with the fit. I'm a 30-31ish waist, went with the 30 and it couldn't have worked out better. Slim but not skinny, no stupid stitching on the pockets, light but sturdy material and great dark color. A+. Make more pants that fit like this; us slim guys will thank you.

Great colour and fit

I'm a shorter guy but don't have skinny legs(nor do I like skinny jeans). I find looking for pants that fit great is always challenging. This pair is great as it's not too skinny but rather, more tailored typical of European pants. I like this colour as it is somewhat dressier and "no-nonsense". The only comment or wish this jean had is button fly but that's a personal preference in terms of jeans. I hope you can make more rinses for this fit and button fly if possible. Great job Bonobos!


I originally bought these pants in 31x30 since I had lost a few pounds, and was unsure of my current size. After an email regarding the fit, it had been suggested to size down to 29x30 and see what happens, which, to me, sounded a bit risky at first. Well, my order arrived today and I am absolutely ecstatic at the way these fit! Huge thanks to Mahsa for the suggestion! Two thumbs way up for everyone at Bonobos!

Versatile, great jean

I love these jeans - they're slick, stylish, and I've washed them a few times without any color loss (woohoo). My only constructive comment is that because I don't want to wash them too frequently, they will tend to get a bit stretchy after a while and not as form-fitting as they come. I think this happens with most pants, though. Great for work, great for weekends, great for a night out. Just get 'em.


Great product, Great fit, Great everything. Usually I wear Levis 514 and have found these jeans to be slightly slimmer but I hope they will wear in a little more. They also seem to sit a little higher on the waist for me then Levis 514, not too happy about this but I love them anyway. I do plan to purchase more pairs in the future.


Best fitting jeans I've ever bought. Usually wear Joe's Jeans Brixton Straight & Narrow but these Bonobos take the cake. Similar fit and dye to Joe's but a more resilient, thicker material.

Great pick up

This is a heavy duty but not too hot dress jean. Simple. Not flashy. Basic pockets. Your money doesn't go towards showing off the brand, etc. it goes toward quality and material. I first ordered a size 32 (my usual). When it came the pair was TOO TIGHT. I had dreams of post-5-wash wears where I'm in floods with euro-tight thighs so I immediately returned them for a size up, the 33s. These came and I felt like I was swimming. Huge. No go. Exchanged again for a size 32 again. I'm not sure what I was aiming for but I loved them so much I didn't wanna return them. The 32s came and fit so well. I really think the first pair was inappropriately sized or the manufacturing measurements were off. Glad I hung in there cause they are SICK jeans Ninjas: I'm sorry I made you pay for so much shipping!

True to fit sizing, great pants.

Love these. I wear a 29x32 in Banana Republic jeans/pants, so I ordered the same size in these and they fit perfectly. I think the people having trouble with sizing are probably a victim of lying to themselves (either up or down) about sizing. I swore I was a 30/31 waist forever, wore a built because my pants were so loose, and ended up with the crumplebutt pants. Finally admitted that my weight is in my chest and not my waist/butt, and bought 29 waists and have never looked back. Jeans are a great dark wash, very heavy duty feeling, and fit GREAT. No extra material where it's not needed, and no chafing or tightness where it is.


I have been looking for a pair of jeans with a crisp, deep blue finish, and the Flatiron Rinse is perfect. I have worn these almost every day for a week, and they get better and better. The waist and seat fit close to the body, but they allow you to sit without being too tight. Last night, I have the legs a couple of cuff-turns for the fresh, hip look I have been wanting! Great purchase!

Good, not great..

These were a good purchase, but probably not the absolute best. I've worn them a LOT though. They are nice enough that I can pull them off at work and they are great for a night out or bumming around town. The only issues I personally have is that for some reason there is "buckling" of the fabric that goes over the zipper. I'm not sure what causes it, but it won't lay fat, I assume in the sewing process it was due to excess fabric or something. This might just be my pair though as I haven't seen anyone else complain about it. The fit is pretty good, I would probably order a size up next time, but they stretch out after awhile and mold to you. I do a lot of walking/biking so my legs are pretty thick and they fit well over my quads so a super skinny jean doesn't work for me, but these are slim enough without looking like latex.

Good quality, strange fit

I'm 6'4" 190lbs and fit perfectly into Bonobos pants at a 33x34. Expect for their denim. The 33x34 fits like a 34x36 or even 35x36. Too wide in the waist and too long in the leg. Good quality jeans. But do run closer to a slim than a straight.

Praise Bonobos

Can we all just agree that bonobos has knocked it out of the park. You have my business for life!

Not cut like the rest...

First I'll say that I'm not a skinny jean wearing type of dude... but these are still in my closet and used on occasion. I don't wear them much because they're not cut like other Bonobos in the waste/hip/rear. I've got a donk and these pants give me what the title says - a "flat ironed" rear. I don't know how to explain the inconsistent cut on these when compared with the rest of the Bonobos lines... maybe loose in the waste but tight in the hips?? Regardless, with a dress shirt un-tucked and a sport coat these jeans are suitable for a nice evening out on the town.

Great jeans.

I have a hard time finding jeans that fit (6'6/220) and these look great and fit perfectly.

Geezers OK

Because I'm fast approaching geezerhood, I'm not too crazy about seeing skinny jeans on my peers. It just looks weird or pathetic, take your pick. Fortunately, these aren't your nephew's skinny jeans. They're advertised as slim straight and that's just what they are. These Flatiron Dark Rinse jeans remind of what kids were wearing on the Sunset Strip during the pre-hippie era (not that I was around back then): trim yet comfortable. Yesterday's standard jeans are today's slim/skinnies due to our exploding girths. Anyway, I bought these Flatirons in my normal waist size -- 29 -- and they fit perfect. I'm also very impressed with the quality. Thumbs up Monkey Men!

extremely disapointed

I just paid $150 dollars for these jeans and they are not the ones in the picture. The jeans I received are 31% polyester and do not say anything about cone denim. I am extremely disappointed that Bonobos would do this.