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What you need to know

The Bonobos brand and our simian namesake have both embraced the African Congo from the get-go. The latter, by peacefully residing in its trees and nibbling its leaves for millions of years. The former, by offering the Congos since our inception in 2007, a testament to the sylvan appeal of our boskiest pre-washed cotton trouser. In plain English? After a long run and three iterations, we’ve finally arrived at our best version yet of these classic, jungle-inspired pants. Now with an even richer and more sophisticated shade of earthy green, our latest Congos go with darn near anything, from whites to pastels to darker browns and blues. And should that come as a surprise? A truly global color, the earth is veritably covered with natural green, from the rainforests of the Amazon to the jungles of the Congo. Like we said, it all goes back to the Congo. Just ask a Bonobo.

Signature Bonobos back pocket liners and slide-snap closure
100% cotton pre-washed, peached chino twill. Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low. Warm iron if needed
Slim Tailored Fit — Tapered from the knee down, 1" narrower leg opening than Slim Straight Fit. Medium rise with a trim cut through the thigh. Curved waistband for better fit and no bunching of fabric.

Customer Reviews

Surprisingly baggy

After reading some reviews and looking at the pictures, I was surprised at how baggy these pants were on me. I'm not a huge guy, (6'0", 160 lbs.), but I'm also not tiny; these felt like they were made for someone much thicker. Also, the fabric is very thin and feels kinda cheap - like something from Old Navy. Definitely not worth $88.

Thicker Guy

These are great pants. I must be the thicker guy that E was talking about. Sizes do run large, but that's why I take that into account and take full advantage of Bonobos' exceptional return program until I find the right size.

Awesome Pants.

I have to disagree with the gentleman above. These are high-quality pants that I've had now for over a year, and they just keep getting softer and better (the hallmark of quality cotton). If there's an issue with the fit, I suggest getting a smaller size. I'm normally a 33 waist, but I find that Bonobos pants are a more true fit, so I go with a 32. With the return policy, if you can't get a great fitting pair of slacks on this site, then you might have bigger life-issues that need addressing!

Washed Chino fit perfected

Bonobos has finally nailed the washed chino fit. What was good before is now spot on. This latest fit added a tad more room in the thigh, which make the pockets much more functional without looking any baggier. Fit is true to size and looks perfectly slick and not at all baggy if you've got a somewhat athletic build. Legitimately "butterysoft", these are really comfortable but still crisp looking. The gingham pocket liner is cool looking and not at all too much for us more conservative guys. Love em.

Fit/wash perfected!

I think these EXACTLY fit the description. They're not too wide, but not too skinny either. I think the material is meant to be thin, they are a nicely fitted pair of trousers. My success with these pants has definitely encouraged me to dive into a few more pairs! If you're looking for a nice, casual (yet still classy) pant, this is it! The fit is perfection -- a clear example of why I shop at Bonobos!

International Shipping

This was my first experience with Bonobos. Living abroad it can be hard to find American sizes. Took a chance and ordered these to size. The fit is fantastic and they arrived in Asia within four days! $20 for flat rate shipping? Can't beat that.


I have been looking for a great fitting pair of chinos over the past month. I decided to upgrade my wardrobe and took a chance on Bonobos. Best decision I have made. I am 5'11 and 180 with big thighs and hips (and a bit of extra cushion in the midsection). I ordered 32x30. Have a nice unbunched break at the bottom and a great fit in the waist. Looking forward to ordering more from Bonobos.


Those of you who are hating on these pants are ridic. I'm a tall dude with an athletic build and the slims are a little too tight for me but I couldn't design a fit better than these straights. The fabric is not too thin or heavy, it's perfection. And they can be rocked with a wide variety of things. To say they are cheap is crazy. I think you get what you pay for. The stitching lasts way longer than any Dockers or CK pants would, and the button is indestructible. Cheers to the Ninjas!

Color is lighter

The pants fit the same as my other pairs, but the color was much lighter in person. I was hoping for a an almost gray-green as the pictures seem to indicate. They were more of a light green to me. I had to return them.