Straight Leg

Thursday Browns


What you need to know

For the weekday warrior campaigning bravely in the professional trenches, wrinkles simply are not an option. Which is why our hassle-free Weekday Warrior cotton dress pants are non-iron and sharp as can be – you’ll look crisp and professional every day of the workweek.
Classic hook and bar closure with button-through back pockets. Day of the week is embroidered inside the waistband.
100% non-iron cotton. Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Hang immediately after drying.
Straight Leg — Straight from the knee down, 16 1/4" leg opening. Medium rise with a trim cut through the thigh.

Customer Reviews

Great Fit

These pants are very nice regarding the fit. After the initial wash, the feel of the pants felt so comfortable. They came out of the dryer perfect. I have a bunch of non-iron pieces of clothing from other retailers, but these pants are truely non-iron. The only concern I had is that the color of the pants are a little more on the gray side, rather than just a solid brown. They still go well with a nice dark brown shoe (just like the picture), but they just weren't as brown as I thought they were. I would definitely recommend these pants (any of the non-iron) to anyone. They are low-maintenance, comfortable, and look great.

Nice Slacks, Peculiar Color

The pants fit very well (like all the non-irons) and hold there shape very well even after close to a dozen washes. However, the color of the pants is very odd, and not as pictured. They are a much softer brown (almost grey) in natural light, but I would still describe them as brown slacks. However, under fluorescent light the pants look entirely slate grey/slightly greenish and not even a little brown. The difference is so stark, a co-worker actually asked me why I was wearing a brown tie with grey slacks. I just walked him over to a window to show the color change. Very comfortable, nice looking slacks, but choose your matching ensemble with care if you don't have a window office.

Same as above -- great pants, odd color

Love the pants -- huge improvement over the old "days of the week" series -- but under florescent lights they are definitively gray. Beneath the incandescents at home you can see hints of brown, and you get similar twinges when in natural sunlight, but once indoors they’ve gone grey. Real chameleons these ones.

Great pant, Misleading color

The fit on these pants are great, like literally every other pair of Bonobos I've ever purchased, but beware. These pants do NOT look this brown out of the box. They definitely appear gray and borderline olive in most lightings. I still wear them, because, why not, but if you're looking for a solid brown pant, I might take a look at other items available here.

Great pants, not a true brown

First, the pants fit great and look great while they're on. However, they're not a true brown - almost a brown/olive/grey hybrid which I think still looks great. I bought these pants with another color and the inseams did not match up - these were spot on while the others were not. You may need to get these tailored to fit exactly right, but I often do that with everything I purchase. All in all, great quality and great value.

Bonobos = Awesome

I never heard of this brand before in my life and saw they're special waistbands and was skeptical as anyone is to a new brand. I ordered the Greys, Blacks and these Browns. THEY ARE AWESOME. Quality in stiching & detail surpasses other brands by a long shot. They're light weight and comfortable and an all together better fit. So great that I ordered the entire week. So versatile that you really can go from office to weekend as you roll em up and slip on some casual shoes. Bonobos doesn't look like they'll failing me anytime soon. Excellent work.

Good Fit, Poor Quality

Like all of the other reviews, I agree that the fit is very nice. The pants arrived a little longer than the 34 inches I ordered, but I generally get my pants tailored, so this wasn't that big of a deal. However, in 6 months of light wear, I've had three different seams tear on two pairs of pants-- one on the pocket, one on the crotch, and one at the bottom of the leg. And believe me, these pants are by no means tight. The quality of the stitching just seems to be poor. From Bonobos: Shaun this isn't fun to hear. We're sorry for your experience. I'll pass your comment on to the product team and the ninjas. We'll make this right. You probably got a lemon since mostly we're heard rave reviews on these pants. Thanks for the feedback.

Perfect fit, Odd color

Like all of the Bonobos pants I've bought, their fit is just right all around. And the cotton feels soft but a durable. These pants pass for formal office wear too. But the color is moderately frustrating. Against tan/light browns, the pants look olive green. Under fluorescent lighting, they look olive green. Under warm daylight, they're a light brown. Under dark house lighting, they also look gray or olive green. As other reviewers have said, buy these with caution if you are looking for a neutral dark brown-- they are lighter than they appear in the pictures.

Amazing fit

At first I ordered the slim fit, but that turned out to be too tight through the thighs. The straight leg fit is very close to perfect. I'm about 5'8", 170#, and very athletic. I have 29x30s and they are perfect at the waist. They are nice and slim through the thigh and maybe only slightly large at the opening. As others have noted, they run a bit longer than other brands. For me it looks like a traditional break, and I'm considering having then taken up about a quarter or half inch in addition to slightly tapered. They are extremely soft and they come out of the drier wrinkle free. The color on the browns changes to olive/grey in various lighting. They are brown in natural sunlight.

Nice pants, not brown.

I like the fit, feel, look, and style of these pants. They seem to be high quality. I have not washed yet, so I can't speak to the non-iron claim. What I can speak to is the "brown" claim. I would expect a pair of pants with the word brown in the name to actually be, you know, brown. Not these pants. They are actually quite grey in color, sometimes appearing olive, but mostly just grey. It's a shame b/c there aren't any true "brown" options in this pant line, and there really should be. Bonobos, PLEASE make some TRULY BROWN non-iron pants. Also, the only thing i don't like about the fit is that i wish the zipper/crotch had just a tad more drop. If they were actually brown, i'd give at least a 4.

Nice pants, but not brown

These pants fit nicely. However, they seem more gray or olive than brown.

Comfortable, but runs large

These pants feel great and have a nice soft texture. The color is not strictly brown but has a hint of gray/olive. Actually not a bad color. My only big gripe is that the pants were a bit baggy and too long(by an inch or two). I ordered 32x32 and they felt more like a 32x34. And I wear 32x32 just fine in the Bonobos Chino straight fit. I was disappointed it did not fir like the other Bonobos pants I own. Even though it's a great pant in general I don't think I'll be keeping these because the fit makes them look bunched up and awkward.


Love this collection but I bought the brown and was disappointed by the color like many others. Was planning on returning them but ended up keeping these grey/olive pants, even though I'm having trouble figuring out what matches with them. Great fit, great pant. Not an awful color but please market these as something other than "brown" and work on offering WWs in a deeper brown.

Great pants, but not brown.

Like all the weekday warriors, these pants have a great fit, especially when you buy the slim. I have to agree with everyone else and mention that it is a bit of a stretch to call the color brown. Sometimes, in the sunlight, they maybe look a little like brown, but most of the time they have an olive green hue. I would say the color under fluorescent lights is somewhat similar to the congos chinos. It's a great color, but don't buy these expecting a real brown.

great except for inseam

Pants are great in every respect except for the inseam. In other words, the fabric seam running bottom of the fly to the back of the pants should sit lower to allow for more room. When sitting down, the inseam is very uncomfortable. Crucial design error in my opinion