Trafalgar Squares Slim - Blue and Yellow


What you need to know

In 1805, a mighty battle against Napoleon won naval supremacy for the English. And in 2012, a mighty Tattersall poplin shirt from Bonobos will win you shirt supremacy at the office. And where do we commemorate both maritime glory and stylish success? A place and a button-down we call Trafalgar Squares. Ideal for work, but just as ready for play, its subtle multicolor pattern will add a touch of sophisticated flair to your look, and get you into that corner office faster than you can say Admiral Lord Nelson.

We've added taper to the waist and slightly narrowed the chest for customers who prefer a trimmer fit.

Tattersall pattern of blue and yellow
Pointed chest pocket
100% cotton poplin

Machine washable, tumble dry
Button-down collar
Slim fit - Slightly narrowed chest with a slight taper through the waist.

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