The Beauregard - Blue


What you need to know

Seersucker. Summer. Mint juleps. Good times. Need to know more? Well, our Beauregard suit is made from lightweight breathable cotton seersucker, it's cut to perfection in a sleek, tailored fit you won't find anywhere else, and it's available in a variety of color options. If you have a special warm-weather occasion, seersucker will give you a timeless edge. And if you have no such occasion . . . you can still put it on, make yourself a julep, and look fantastic.

Blue & White seersucker
Double-button, single-vent, butterfly-lined with Bemberg-lined sleeves
100% cotton seersucker
Flattering cut is neither too tight nor too loose
Dry clean only
Modern slim lapel
Accommodating fit across the chest
Straight leg - as wide at the leg opening as at the knee

Customer Reviews

totally misleading pictures (false advertising, if you will)

It's very unclear from any text, but obvious from all the pictures that they are selling a 3-piece suit here. WRONG! There's no vest. As I write this, there's a vest in the pictures. Seems they sold out of those, and didn't bother to tell the prospective customers. Also, I would say the pictures are misleading on the color. It's well photographed for that blue to really pop, but in reality it's a very pale blue. Which is fine, but just so you know it's not really, in my opinion, quite accurate. The big deal-breaker, though, is the vest. Know what you're looking at: A jacket and trousers. The vest in the pictures is not part of the package.

Great seersucker

The cut and finish on these seersuckers is fantastic! Not too loose, not too tight (for an athletically built American. European cuts are usually far too tight for me.). Just rocked out the white coat on stage the other night and received multiple compliments. As to Sam's review that this is false advertising -- do the math, my friend, and note that they've run out of certain sizes on the vest. The vest IS in fact a part of the package if they still have the size you need. And Bonobos does a better job than almost any company out there when it comes to color-matching their products in pictures vs. the way they look in person.