Cotton Necktie in Blue Chambray


What you need to know

From cowboy kerchiefs to aristocratic ascots, it’s no secret that what you wear around your neck says a lot about who you are. And for those of us who own neither 10-gallon hats nor 40-foot yachts, there’s another, more stylish way to show some office flair: the Bonobos necktie. Exquisitely stitched from world-class materials, our ties are designed to be both classic and modern, highly professional yet down for a good time. They will add some class to any suit, panache to any jacket, and get the party started no matter where you choose to tie one on.

100% Cotton chambray
Handmade in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

Never machine wash

It indeed looks good, but make sure it does not turn your shirt's collar blue. Also, as it is cotton, I put it in a washer without much though only to find out it lost its shape completely. It seems there is a piece of fabric inside the tie that keeps it flat and machine-washing ruined it.