Block Party Slim - Blue & Pink

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What you need to know

If it’s a stylish statement you seek to make, then we have the shirt for you. Why throw a house party, when you could make it a Block Party? Brilliant colors and a large-scale gingham pattern combine in a button-down that’s sure to make you the star of the neighborhood. You might want to consider pairing it with more muted pants, but if you’re up to the challenge, go all out.

We've added taper to the waist and slightly narrowed the chest for customers who prefer a trimmer fit.

Pink and blue large-scale outline gingham
Contrast fabric in cuff plackets, pop stitching in cuff buttonholes
100% cotton poplin

Machine washable, tumble dry
Button-down collar
Slim fit - Slightly narrowed chest with a slight taper through the waist.

Customer Reviews

Routinely gets compliments

First of all, this shirt fits better than any other shirt I've ever owned. Seriously. It's not tight at any point, but there are never any airbags of fabric hanging around either. It looks tailored, really. The quality is on par with all the other higher end brands, but the fit sets it apart. Also, it's the only shirt I have that gets compliments across the board from friends and strangers alike. I don't stand out much as a guy, but this shirt seems to get noticed by a new person every time I wear it out. Buy one, wear it often, and you won't regret it.