Straight Leg

Tuesday Blacks


What you need to know

For the weekday warrior campaigning bravely in the professional trenches, wrinkles simply are not an option. Which is why our hassle-free Weekday Warrior cotton dress pants are non-iron and sharp as can be – you’ll look crisp and professional every day of the workweek.
Classic hook and bar closure with button-through back pockets. Day of the week is embroidered inside the waistband.
100% non-iron cotton. Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Hang immediately after drying.
Straight Leg — Straight from the knee down, 16 1/4" leg opening. Medium rise with a trim cut through the thigh.

Customer Reviews

Mixed feelings

Very comfortable material, but tight in the crotch even though the waste fits fine. Gets distracting and uncomfortable as the day wears on, might return them

good & bad

Very comfortable, soft material. Tight in the crotch, even thought the waist fits fine, gets distracting and uncomfortable as the day wears on. Maybe good for "briefs guys" but not so much for boxers. Might return them

Tuesday Blacks

Wow! My first grown up pants from Bonobos. I gave up the Gucci black wardrobe but I was tempted and so pleased I didn't resist. Nice fit, nice feel.


Very nice, and very comfortable. I'm usually a 31x32 in other brands, but I always order 30x32 with Bonobos, and I always get good results!! I purchased the Tuesday Blacks, along with the Monday Blues. Despite being the same style of pant, the Tuesday Black fits better. The fit through the leg, up near the butt, and around the waist is perfect!!! People have complained about the crotch area being too tight, but I didn't have the same problem. I did at first, but after 5 minutes of wear, they loosen up a bit, and the problem disappears. Buyers should also be aware that these pants have a bit of a sheen, so don't be surprised if you open up the Bonobos box and literally see a shiny new pair of pants!! However, the sheen isn't enough to be seen as tacky, so I still love them.

Every Day Could Be Tuesday

These pants have been a smashing success for me. The fit, material, and easy maintenance are all huge pluses for me. Personally, I like my pants a little tighter so it's hard for me to say if the crotch-tightness is unique these pants. I'm also one of those "brief guys."

Awesome Pants

Bonobos are the best fitting pants - hands down. I love these no wrinkle pants so much, that I've purchased every day of the week. They fit well, look awesome, and wash/dry perfectly. I've not experienced any of the issues mentioned here or under the other colors/days of the week. All of my belts fit fine (and I don't have thin belts), no sheen to them and no seam issues. I do have to say, the crotch area is a tad snug than most brands, but that all comes down to the Bonobos cut - which gives you an awesome butt.


Love these pants but when I washed and dried them, they shrunk. I know they are cotton but I wasn't expecting them to shrink so much.

Not for muscular legs

I really wanted to love these pants and when I took them out of the box, I was sure I would. Great material and you can tell they are good quality pants. However once I tried them on, the love was gone. I ordered 33x30 and while the waist and and length were perfect, they were cut way too slim in the thighs and calves. Yes, I do have more muscular legs than most guys but I was not expecting a cut that was closer to the cheaper "Euro" brands like Zara & H&M. They really need to better describe the "straight leg". This was my first purchase from Bonobos and now I'm a bit "gun shy" that all their clothes are for the 6'2", 155 lb. man. I will go to the Chicago "fit" store before buying again.

Great for slim guys

I'm a musician with a 28" waist and a wool allergy. These pants are PERFECT. I didn't have to tailor these for once, and I can finally stop scratching my legs. I've worn them close to 100 times--no shrinking yet. Though they've retained their color, I did wish they were blacker. Almost everybody notices them, because your butt does look good, and you will probably get a little more attention. I'd agree that the crotch is tight, but nothing shows too much if you're careful.

Inconsistent Cell Phone Pocket Sizes

I have four pairs of these pants in different colors. Two of my pairs have smaller cell phone pockets than the other two and my iPhone won't fit. I know it's a small problem but paying $98 for a pair of pants you kind of want some precision.

Good fit...great style!

Ordered my first pair of WW Bonobos pants in navy. Awesome fit and terrific silhouette throughout the leg. The style is perfect and the fabric/stitching appears to be in it for the long haul. My next pair will be in black. Recommended.

Great fit...good looks but OK material

These are best fitting pants I had worn and I have tried a lot of brands. They really do some magic in butt to make it look better without looking tight or skinny. I am pretty slim at 5 9 and 140 lb. So have to work with many brand to alter them to look right. These are amazing fit. The material feels great and non-iron stuff works. Only concern is that this and including most stuff I have tried from Bonobos is really thin...and I don't think its going to last long. I would expect a solid material at this price but its not.