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What you need to know

Travel in comfort, travel in style, and do it all in Travel Jeans. Made in America from 10.5-ounce White Oak® Cone Denim® with a hint of stretch, Bonobos Travel Jeans are sleek, versatile, and easy to pack for the voyage ahead.

Jet black
Single distressed white signature rivet, authentic Bonobos Travel Jeans shank
10.5-ounce White Oak® Cone Denim®, 99% cotton 1% stretch. Comfortable and naturally resistant to wrinkles.
Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low
Straight leg - as wide at the leg opening as at the knee

Customer Reviews

Changed the style

The fit and cut of these jeans has changed. This style fits much tighter and the leg opening is smaller than the last version. I have a couple pair of the 'older version' that I absolutely loved. There are a few minor changes to this version which i wish they didn't make. The fabrication is slightly different (now 99% cotton -1% elastine instead of 98%/2%), a minor difference but makes for a noticeable change in the feel of the pant not for the good. I really wish I had bought more of the old version after buying these.

Awful New Fit, Far Too Tight

First, I posted a bad review several weeks ago and it never was published. Not cool, Bonobos, keep it honest. I've owned 4-5 different pairs of the OLD fit Travel Jeans and LOVE them. The 33x34 straight fit was perfect for my 6'4" 190 lb frame. Had some issues with brown and grey in the past, as the dyes started to turn pink, but otherwise the fit was superb. Now, this NEW fit is just terrible. Way too tight and short. The 33x34 version of the NEW straight leg Travel Jeans fits like a 32x32 slim leg. The cut is so dramatically different, that Bonobos should've just started a new line with a new name. Bonobos, bring back the OLD fit please! Or you'll lose this customer and more...clearly by the other reviews I'm not the only one with this experience. Thanks.

Travel Pants

Iv'e previously purchased 3 pairs of travel pants. After my 4th I wont be buying another. Whatever it is you guys have done to these pants is a travesty. My number one complaint is the material feels just plain awful and cheap. In fact everything about these pants has changed, the zippers, the lining of the pockets, the button. And it has not changed for the better. Not quite sure why they were downgraded but it's a sad day.

Awful fit

I love the travel jean, just ordered two more pairs. Unfortunately, the fit is completely changed. I could barely get into my pairs. They're going back and I'm looking to buy the old fit on Ebay.

Terrible fit - style has changed

First pair I got I loved, second pair was totally different even though I ordered the exact size. You cannot expect customer loyalty without consistency, the second pair were of a different material and total different fit and length. I chatted with a ninja, who tried to be helpful but end result and was told to go into a store - kind of defeats the whole idea of Bonobos for me.

bring back the old style and fit

i thought i was buggin and now I see i am not alone. the prior fabric and fit of travel jeans became my all time fav pant i turned people on to your company and it was basically all i wore. the new style ..... ehh. bad decision. simple to correct.

Would never buy

I was getting ready to order these until I read the reviews above, does Bonobos have a reply to this? I would seem the old style would come back.


Ditto to everything said. My girlfriend bought me a pair of these a little over a year ago and they have been my favorite pair of pants ever since. I'm 6'3 190 and its always been tough for me to find something that fits well. I was wondering why the stats said 99/1 instead of 98/2 cotton/spandex like they used to.. So glad I read these reviews before buying some more pairs. Bring back the old style and you'll have my business for sure

Never owned the old ones..Still Great Jeans.

Hi, SO I just discovered the travel pants and I have the new "version". For me these jeans are GREAT...maybe not as amazing as the original like others here have claimed, but if you don't own a older version these are still my favorite jeans I own. I have white and grey. I plan to get them in navy and black. I guess the key lesson here is if you find something at Bonbons and love it BUY IT UP..which is what I am doing just in case they change back to the original version which I might not like.

travel jeans

Wow so many one star reviews....I was about to buy but not now. Will Bonobos be changing this style based on the feedback?

Well they sure fit ME great!

Almost passed on last weekend's sale because of all the one star reviews. Glad I didn't. I'm 5'7", 164 lb. I have a 32 in waist and a 30 in inseam. That's the size I ordered and they fit just fine.

Didn't own the olds, but fine with these

I think they fit great, would buy another pair.