Schoolboy Satchel - Mahogany


What you need to know

Named eponymously after the two brothers who founded it, Billykirk is, at the risk of being colloquial, the real deal. In an age when "heirloom quality" has lost both its meaning and relevance, Billykirk does just that: they make timeless examples of masterful leatherwork that will remain beautiful, distinct, and functional for decades to come. Just as Bonobos began in 2007 with a single pair of pants, the Billykirk legend begins with a simple leather watchband and grows to this day, bolstered by an unyielding commitment to excellence and their well-earned reputation as peerless craftsmen. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video can put you right in their workshop - take a look and see what we mean:

What's the only thing better than offering Billykirk leather goods? Working with the guys to create something totally new. We're proud to introduce our Billykirk & Bonobos line, one-of-a-kind items forged from the collaboration of two undeniably unique companies.

Bonobos exclusive; Handmade in the USA

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