The Alma Mater

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What you need to know

Our Alma Mater navy blazer is fashioned from textured Italian wool-cashmere from century old mill Marzotto®. It's half lined in sturdy Bemberg and silk for all-season wear and lifetime durability. The Boxing Bonobo interior crest, antiqued brass buttons, and prep-school grosgrain details hearken back to your academy days when you were a fresh-faced youth gazing upon your future with confidence and eager anticipation. Well congrats, you've graduated. You've made it. Now pay some love to your Alma Mater.

Single-vent, Hopsack Wool, Contrast Four-hole Gold Buttons
95% Wool, 5% Cashmere
Updated Blazer Fit
Dry clean only
Snug but not constraining for a trim look that's also comfortable
Half-lined with Contrast Grosgrain Ribbon Piping and Interior Bonobos Monkey Patch

Customer Reviews


i'm smaller in stature but have broad shoulders, as 5'7 150 this blazer (36) offers a fit a bespoke tailor would smile at. as one of my first 'major' purchases i was a little weary of its cut as i tend to prefer a slightly more modern/trim look - seconds after opening the package i knew my concerns were null. truly the perfect balance of modern twist on classic items. i've had the Alma Mater for just over a year and not a single complaint (very rare for weekly wear). dress it up, dress it down, dancing, highfiveing, (i've even pulled off a late night backflip or two..) whatever it is - you'll look great doing it. even styled it a few times. ( do it, you wont regret this purchase when that cute chick gives you a second look.